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Is social media playing a part in the rise of cosmetic treatments? We’ve previously discussed how celebrity culture can influence the aesthetic industry and the way Love Island is boosting it, so it’s clear that there is a relationship between the two. And, with Instagram’s ban on cosmetic filters – plus the positive influence we believe this will have on the social platform – there is no denying that social media provides a platform for a lot of different things, both good and bad.

Therefore, in this article, we’re taking a look at how social media and the aesthetic industry are interlinked.

A New Way to Market Products and Treatments

Social media provides brands with a new way to do marketing. Before, only big companies would have the budget to spend on advertising their brand, products and services; after all, they had to rely on retailers to sell their products and on media companies to advertise their brand.

With the advent and rise of social media, on the other hand, smaller brands and even start-ups (including companies without a physical store) are able to market themselves and get off the ground without breaking the bank.

Many consumers discover new products and treatments via a brand’s social media profile or ads. Social media has also allowed consumers to learn more about a company through reviews and opinions, which is where influencer marketing had a big impact as well.

A great number of companies in the cosmetic industry use influencers to advertise their products and services. This means they don’t have to build a huge audience right out of the gate; instead, they rely on social media users’ followers to build awareness and increase their reach.

In addition, social media, especially platforms like Instagram, allows brands to target and engage specific consumers. They can get real-time feedback as well. Comments are immediate and can be a useful source for companies to see how their campaigns are doing and request their customers’ opinions on future products.

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This means you can start building an audience of people interested in a product that doesn’t exist yet, generate buzz ahead of time and potentially sell more products when you finally launch them.

Also, brands and companies no longer have to have a physical presence to reach other countries. With social media, they can engage with a global audience online to better sell their products or services.

Monitoring Trends

With billions of social media users, brands have access to a fantastic pool of information. From seasonal preferences to popular makeup styles, being able to check trends allows companies to create more targeted marketing campaigns for their products and aesthetic treatments.

Influencing an audience to purchase a certain product, for instance, becomes easier once you can have an idea of where people’s personal preferences lie, and which trends are on the rise.

The same is true for aesthetic treatments. With selfies still growing strong and celebrities being more open about the work they got done, many people want to look good on their social media profiles or imitate a popular aesthetic, which can lead to a rise in cosmetic treatments. From dermal fillers to Hydrafacials, social media can help to shape people’s perceptions of beauty and influence their decisions.

Social Media and Body Image

People are generally mindful of their appearance, although this can be particularly true of millennials. Social media (and celebrity culture) can make individuals aware of areas they’re not so happy with and want to change – but this is not intrinsically bad. For some men and women, social media can help them to become aware of aesthetic treatments designed to address issues and improve their self-confidence.

Also, social platforms are helpful to inspire people to become healthier and to have a positive view of their physical appearance, especially when taking into account elements like wellness and fitness. Many users also advocate for body positivity and help others to become happier in their own skin; having this support is crucial for many young women and men.

In addition to their cosmetic filters ban, Instagram has also excluded certain search terms and hashtags that refer to eating disorders, something that can help to keep the focus on body positivity and health.

So, more information is not necessarily bad. It’s all to do with the way that information is presented.

For example, one of the main issues that people have with social media is how it can create unrealistic expectations. With filters and photo editing software readily available, many pictures don’t depict realistic images, as many individuals highly edit photos to look a particular way.

This means that certain aesthetics are not as attainable as you may believe, which can lead to dissatisfaction with your appearance. In addition, many clinics have reported an increase in the number of patients interested in looking like their filtered self, which can cause body image issues as well.

While social media can be a good thing, there are studies that suggest that people experience lower levels of depression and anxiety, as well as loneliness, when they choose to disconnect from social media for a while. With so many images to digest no matter when you turn, it’s very difficult (or downright impossible) not to compare yourself to them. This comparison can influence the way you see and value yourself.

People don’t have to completely abandon social media – changing who they follow and what they choose to view is a better option. Unfollowing accounts with heavily airbrushed photos, ‘detoxing’ from social media every now and again and following users who focus on healthy living and positivity can help people to take in the advantages of social media instead of its downsides.

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Choosing aesthetic treatments to tweak your appearance or to look a certain way is all about feeling great about yourself, as well as boosting confidence and self-esteem. At our Belfast cosmetic clinic, Guernsey cosmetic clinic and Jersey cosmetic clinic, we will work with you to select the right treatment for you so get in touch with our friendly team today!