If your skin is stretched or saggy after weight loss, you may need a breast lift.

breast lift after weight loss

Losing weight is a massive achievement and all of your hard work is something that should be celebrated. There is nothing better than looking into the mirror and being happy with the way you look. However, some women find that, once they reach their ideal weight, their body has changed in both positive and negative ways.

Whilst they look healthier and thinner, dramatic or rapid weight loss can cause excess skin to stretch and give a saggy appearance to their skin. This skin doesn’t go back to its original state on its own, especially when it comes to skin surrounding the breasts.

This is where mastopexy, or breast uplift surgery, comes in. We offer breast uplift in Guernsey and breast uplift in Jersey, so we can help you to get rid of that ‘deflated’ look that often frustrates and upsets a lot of women.

What is Breast Uplift Surgery?

Sagging skin in the breast tissue is to be expected after a big weight loss, even though it could be a gradual loss. Many women discover the not-so-pleasant after-effects of losing a large amount of weight after the fact and, for them, surgery is often the only option.

Breast uplift surgery refers to the surgical procedure that a lot of women choose to have after extreme weight loss, after the birth of their children, and/or after months of breastfeeding. When the breasts have lost their shape or begin to sag, mastopexy aims to reshape and raise the breasts, without altering the volume as per breast augmentation.

The procedure involves removing the excess skin around the breasts, repositioning the areola and raining up both the nipple and tissue in order to give it a much more attractive and ‘supple’ appearance. The nipple is altered to remain in proportion with the rest of the breast, without taking away sensation or your ability to breastfeed.

Is Breast Uplift Surgery Right for You?

If you feel like your confidence in your body has been knocked despite achieving fantastic weight loss results, breast uplift surgery is a fantastic option to consider. It can be carried out on its own or alongside breast augmentation or breast reduction, depending on the look you want to achieve.

breast lift after weight loss

Every patient is different and, therefore, the procedure is personalised to each individual as much as possible, in order to ensure the very best result. There are a number of different considerations to keep in mind, including the amount of skin that needs to be removed and what end result you’re looking for after the surgery.

However, the main thing is that your breasts should return to a ‘perkier’ appearance.

This surgical procedure is also the ideal solution for women who are unable to have breast implants. It lifts the breasts, so they are more pert without having to insert a foreign object. If you’re still not convinced whether a breast lift is for you, we’re happy to discuss the procedure here at The Aesthetic Skin Clinic; what’s more, we can use a 3D scanner that allows us to project a prototype of what your breasts will look like following the surgery, giving you complete peace of mind.

The Benefits of Breast Uplift Surgery

What can you expect when you opt for this surgical procedure? Breast uplift surgery offers several advantages, including firmer and higher breasts that look more voluminous, the restoration of youthful nipple position, an improved aesthetic in a wider range of clothes, the ability to skip wearing a bra to support the breast, an increase in self-confidence and self-esteem, and breast symmetry.

What Are the Risks of Breast Uplift Surgery?

While this is a safe procedure, as with all surgeries, there are still risks involved in undergoing a breast lift. Many of these risks are unlikely but could still happen, so it’s important that you keep them in mind when deciding whether this surgery is for you.

Some of the most common risks include:

  • Excessive Scarring – This one is a given. There will always be scars after major surgery, which tend to start out red, then turn purple and then, eventually, fade over time. However, if these scars are wider, thicker and red, then you may require surgery to correct them.
  • Excessive Bleeding – It’s normal to bleed during surgery but, sometimes, there could be heavy bleeding that requires the patient to have a blood transfusion.
  • Infection – It’s not common to get an infection, but it could still happen. If it does, it’s crucial that you undergo a course of antibiotics or even another surgery, depending on your situation. Infections can impact the final result of the procedure.
  • Reduced Sensation – Most patients will experience a change in breast sensation, usually numbness near the scar and reduced sensation in the nipples. This can be temporary or permanent. There is also a risk of complete loss of sensation, which occurs in less than 1 in 10 cases).
  • Necrosis – In some very rare cases (less than 1 in 100), there could be loss of part of the nipple through poor blood supply.

What to Expect in Regard to Downtime and Recovery?

breast lift surgery after weight loss

Breast lifts are considered major surgery; they include the use of a general anaesthetic and require several weeks of downtime and aftercare. Typically, it will take a fortnight to heal from the surgery and 6-8 weeks to return to full physical activity – a sports bra with no underwire should be worn for, at least, 6 weeks after the procedure for best results. You should be able to go home the same day, as this is a day case.

Aftercare Tips for Breast Uplift Surgery

As part of your aftercare routine, and in order to get the best results from the surgery, it’s imperative that you take care of yourself. This includes avoiding vigorous exercise or activities for a few weeks, protecting your wounds as your doctor tells you, avoiding gaining weight or getting pregnant during recovery time, and maintaining a healthy weight for life.

There will be some level of discomfort after surgery, but most patients find that regular painkillers, like paracetamol, are enough to manage the pain.

When Will You See the Final Results?

You won’t have to wait long to see the results of this surgery. Immediately after the procedure, you will be able to see the changes made, although your breasts will remain swollen and sore for a while. Once the swelling has gone away completely, a process which can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months, you will see final result of your breast shape. Over the months, your breasts will become softer and gain a more natural appearance.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch today to find out more information on our breast uplift surgery. We have a team of medical professionals who will be more than happy to talk through your options with you. we can also book you a no-obligation consultation to discuss how you can get the most out of the surgery.