Undergoing breast augmentation can be a stressful and painful time in your life. Going through an emotional, physical, and mental change can be worrying, especially when you are an active person and are now more restricted.

After your surgery, when done in moderation; exercise can help towards a speedy recovery, and low impact activity will assist bruised muscles and help reduce inflammation. We have provided a list of how you can easily get active again and be back in fighting shape.

Avoid High Impact Activities

Whether you feel ready to jump back in to exercise or not, to be safe, you should avoid any high impact activity. Your body needs time to heal, and this time is very important for a quick, and precise recovery. Don’t jump straight back in to an intense spin class; you might have done this beforehand, but it’s not best advised to start straight away. If you want to do any exercise within the first week or so, go for it! But walking for 15 – 20 minutes would be more beneficial than heavier forms of exercise.

Extra Support

If you are going to venture out and take part in some moderate activity, make sure you have the correct support for your breasts. An underwire bra isn’t advised, and a more supportive sports bra is a better way to support your body. Many doctors and professionals would recommend an open front sports bra or a knit cotton surgical bra. Any cushioned bra which fastens in the front will help, as it will minimise the movement when putting it on and off. Buying a size larger bra can also be a great solution.

Diet and Skin Care

Alongside a balanced and steady exercise regime, diet and skincare can help your recovery. After breast augmentation, you can suffer from weight loss, weakness and even nausea. A balanced and healthy diet will add to your recovery and will assist with the exercise. Your body tends to need more protein than previously, because it needs to repair cells, heal the wounds and fight infection.

Try adding protein powder to meals or drinks, and add cheese to potatoes, rice, or salads. Other high protein snacks include almonds and peanuts. You can ease the feeling of sickness before any exercise, by eating smaller meals throughout the day, drinking protein shakes, and eating soups.

After the procedure, you may feel numbness and some discomfort. Taking warm showers may comfort you, but wait a week after the surgery before doing so. Take extra care when shaving under the arm or applying any deodorant. To take extra care of the inflamed skin, you can massage the areas softly, with mild lotion, Vitamin E or pure Lanolin. Avoid perfumed lotions and any alcohol based products.

Muscle Strength Activities

Everyday activities such as wondering around the house doing small bits of housework and walking up and down the stairs will be surprisingly helpful. By doing small strengthening tasks you will be well on your way to firming your muscles. After treatment, these are a few other ideas, to get the fitness back into your life:

  • Sit down and standing up: pull a chair from the table and go from standing to sitting 5-10 times. This will work those muscles that need moving and strengthening.
  • Yoga or Pilates: this is a relaxing way to stretch your muscles with little effort in the tamer poses.
  • Lifting light weights: grab some tins of food from the cupboard or two water bottles. Moving these up above your head or even in front of your body will help stretch your muscles.
  • Light gardening: relaxing and fun!
  • Static bike training or a cross trainer workout.
  • Press ups against the wall.

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