Certain areas of the body are more prone to retaining fat cells, which are impossible to remove or minimise, regardless of how many hours are spent at the gym. Non-invasive fat removal procedures are an answer to these problematic areas that you simply can’t shift the fat from – no matter how healthily you eat!!

Targeting only those areas you hate, you’re sure to see results you’ll love.

Lipocel Body Contouring Hifu System

This non-invasive fat removal procedure is perfect if you have those problematic areas you simply can’t seem to get rid of at the gym. The Lipocel Body Contouring Hifu System utilises focused ultrasound energy in order to break down fat cells. These cells are then naturally processed by your body, which provides a more natural and non-invasive way of removing fat.

Innovative and anaesthesia-free, the area to be treated is marked and photographed, to ensure a precise treatment. Subsequently, a treatment grid is outlined and water is topically sprayed on the skin. A focussed ultrasound hand piece is then moved on the treatment grid, which may incur a slight heat sensation and muscle ache.

An average of one to three treatments spaced six to 12 weeks apart are usually undertaken per patient. Slight skin pinkness is common after the treatment in conjunction with the possibility of tingling numbness and sensitivity, amongst others. No downtime is needed, as the 30-minute long treatment isn’t taxing on your body.

Cristal Cryolipolysis (Fat Freezing)

Utilising non-invasive vacuum applicators, specific areas can be targeted to deliver specialised cooling to fatty deposits. This treatment is applied at the surface of the skin, selectively crystallising and destroying fat cells.

Crystal Cryolipolysis allows for the simultaneous treatment of several areas, depending on your tailored treatment plan. Problem areas are efficiently targeted, and a sensation of pulling, pinching, or tugging can be felt. The quick numbness of the area results in only a slight, temporary discomfort as the ‘frozen’ area slowly returns to normal temperature.

The one-hour treatment involves applying a gel pad on the area to be treated and placing a vacuum hand piece carefully into position. At the end, the area will be warmed and massaged. Possible effects include slight stiffness of the area, swelling, and sensitivity. No anaesthetic is needed, only a skin preparation before the procedure. The results are noticeable, and will help you see up to 40% fat reduction.

Aqualyx Fat Removal

Aqualyx Fat Removal is a minimally invasive procedure that works through helping the body dissolve fat. Localised injections are carefully done, ensuring a precise and safe procedure. The body naturally flushes out these fat deposits after they are dissolved, with minimal impact to your body.

Taking around 15 to 30 minutes, this treatment may result in slight bruising and swelling. Depending on the desired result, three to five sessions may be needed to complete the treatment. Almost completely pain-free, topical numbing cream may be applied if needed.

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