That’s right, we’ve said it! We know that it can be quite difficult to keep up to date and on track with your New Year’s Resolution; whether it is to go to the gym more often, or if it is to eat healthier than you did throughout the Christmas period.

However, it’s never too late to get the body you want! We at the Aesthetic Skin Clinic understand that it can be difficult to get the body you want, especially at this time of year, which is why we are always here to help if you aren’t feeling comfortable about a certain aspect of your body. We care about the happiness of our clients more than anything, which is why we’ve got a list of things that we can help you with.

Improving the Contours of Your Body

One thing that women tend to be uncomfortable about, particularly after the New Year, is the shape of their body; this is the reason by you start to see advertisements talking about how you can replace two meals a day with a protein shake, and other unusual remedies. However, at the Aesthetic Skin Clinic, we are able to provide world leading surgical treatments that can help you achieve the body you desire.

One treatment this is considered to be one of the biggest sustained trends in body contouring is fat freezing, which is also known as cristal cryolipolysis. This procedure focuses on drawing up and cooling the body part you want to treat to a very low temperature, whilst ensuring that none of the surrounding tissue is damaged. If you are wanting to remove discrete fat bulges or you want an efficient body contouring treatment, then this is for you.

Body surgery including liposuction

If you want a treatment that focuses on removing fatty deposits located around the body, then liposuction could be an effective treatment for you. Remember that liposuction shouldn’t be used if you are overweight or if you have to remove cellulite; it is designed to remove fat on areas that you are not comfortable with, such as the abdomen, hips, and thighs – it’s not a weight loss treatment by any means.

Looking as Youthful as You Were Before

Another aspect of the body that people tend to feel uncomfortable with and that they want to treat is certain areas on the face. This can be anything from fine lines and wrinkles to smoker’s lines. However, at the Aesthetic Skin Clinic, we also specialise in non-surgical treatments, meaning that you don’t have to worry about going under the knife to looking youthful.

If you want to treat fine lines and wrinkles, then you can get some high-quality Botox injections to trigger the youth back into your face. If you wanted to go for something that lasts a lot longer than Botox, then dermal fillers would be a great option to choose, especially if you want to rejuvenate your face by removing deep grooves and facial wrinkles, whilst also restoring lost facial volume and structure.

Women getting a dermal filler

If you take these steps, then you will regain your youthful glow that you had when you were younger, as well as having the body that you have always wanted. At the Aesthetic Skin Clinic, we always want to make sure that our clients are getting the best treatments available, which why we put so much care and consideration into everything we do, from the consultation all the way to the aftercare.

If you want to know more about what we can provide for you, then please don’t hesitate to contact us today to find out more about dermal fillers in Belfast, botox in Jersey, anti wrinkle treatments in Guernsey or more.  We will be more than happy to help with any enquiries you may have.