As well as offering safe and modern surgical treatments, the Aesthetic Skin Clinic is pleased to provide a wide range of non-surgical options, including Botox, acne and lip treatments. Non-surgical procedures have a lot of important benefits: they are often simpler and less time-consuming than their surgical counterparts, and they give you the option of choosing a subtle treatment that works to enhance your natural beauty. Today we’re shining a spotlight on a couple of the new non-surgical treatments being offered in our clinics, with a focus on what they can do for you.


The HydraFacial offers you a chance to recapture the vibrant glow of young, healthy skin with visible improvements after just one treatment. In five simple steps, you will receive a refreshing combination of serums and cleansing processes, all of which are designed to help bring your skin back to life.

After starting with cleansing and exfoliation, your face will be treated with a serum which acts to remove impurities from the skin. This is followed by a painless vortex-extraction to clean out the pores, and the application of more serums designed to hydrate and nourish the skin. Finally, you will be given HydraFacial Daily Essentials to take home with you – this will help to maintain and extend the results of the treatment.

This is a treatment which can be used to reduce acne, wrinkles and pigmentation, and is suitable for all skin types. With results lasting 5-7 days or more, and ongoing monthly treatments available to make sure that you see continuing effects, this is a fantastic addition to our range of procedures.

Lustre Pure Light

If you’re looking for an acne treatment that can take place in the comfort of your own home, then Lustre Pure Light has a lot to offer you. A brand new device, the Lustre Pure Light acts quickly, with results typically seen after just 8-12 weeks and sometimes after a single month. You can also relax in the knowledge that it is convenient, easy and, most importantly, 100% safe with no known side effects.

Lustre Pure Light works by using blue light technology to target the cause of acne, removing the P Acnes bacteria responsible for Acne breakouts. This is a time-tested technology which has been used by the medical community for several decades, offering real relief to acne sufferers.

If you think that your skin could benefit from these, or any of our other non-surgical procedures, then we’d love to hear from you. As a well-respected cosmetic skin clinic in the UK, we are proud to offer our customers everything they need for healthier, happier skin. Contact us today at 01481 736699 if you would like to find out more.