Lustre Pure Light is a brand new home-use device that treats acne using an effective technique known as blue light technology. Blue light technology has been used by dermatologists and clinicians alike to treat patients with acne in throughout the world.

Lustre Pure Light is 100% safe and this method works by killing the bacteria found within the skin, known as P Acnes, which causes acne. Use the device for an hour a day over a 12 week period for acne treatment. Lustre Pure Light reduces acne bacteria significantly along with inflammation and redness caused by acne, therefore greatly improving the appearance of the skin.

Lustre Pure Light is small, rechargeable and portable so you can treat your spots wherever you are and at any time.If you have tried prescription treatments, topical and oral antibacterials and had no significant results, try Lustre Pure Light alongside your daily acne skincare regime to see best results.

How to Use

Lustre Pure Light is very easy to use. Simply apply the therapy heads onto the area of skin to be treated using the adhesive strips that are supplied with the device. 252 adhesive strips are supplied with each device, however, additional adhesive strips can be bought separately.


Are there any side effects I should be concerned about?

There are no known side effects with blue light therapy which has been clinically proven to destroy P. Acnes bacteria, the bacteria which cause spots.

Can I use my other acne medications with Lustre Pure Light?

Yes, many healthcare professionals now recommend that managing acne is requires more than one treatment and recommend that managing the levels of sebum in the skin and reducing the bacteria levels in the skin which cause acne achieves the best results. Before using Lustre Pure Light, skin should be clean and dry and other acne treatments or makeup removed and re-applied after each Lustre Pure Light treatment session or as advised by your healthcare professional.

Does my Lustre Pure Light have a guarantee?

Yes the Lustre Pure Light is guaranteed to be free from defects for 12 months from the time of purchase. Please register your Lustre Pure Light. If you experience a problem with your Lustre Pure Light please return it with proof of purchase to the clinic where you originally purchased your device.

How do I clean my Lustre Pure Light?

After each treatment session the Lustre adhesive strip should be removed and discarded. The Lustre therapy head should be cleaned using a moist cloth or cleansing wipe, a moist alcohol swab may also be used. Liquid of any description should not be allowed to enter the Lustre therapy heads or Lustre controller at any time. Do not use or attach Lustre Pure Light to the main power supply if it has ever been exposed to liquid at any time as it is electrical equipment.

What is blue light therapy?

Blue light therapy is the use of natural blue light from the visible light spectrum for a medical or therapeutic benefit. It has been used to treat acne for almost 40 years, Lustre Pure Light has revolutionised the technology previously used, by leading dermatologists, to make it portable and wearable.

Who should I contact if I have a problem?

Please contact the clinic where you purchased your Lustre Pure Light if you have any problems with the device or have any medical concerns.

Will Lustre Pure Light cause any UV damage to my skin?

No, Lustre Pure Light delivers therapeutic safe natural blue light at a wavelength of 420 nm. This is not in the UV spectrum of the natural light wavelength. In clinical trials blue light at 420 nm there have been no reported incidences of UV skin damage.

When will I see results?

Each person is different but if you use the Lustre Pure Light as recommended, you may see an improvement in as little as 4 weeks. Clinical evidence shows that the best results are seen after 8 -12 weeks. The more you use Lustre Pure Light treatment for acne, the better your results are likely to be.