With so many products on the market, it can sometimes become confusing to find the best product method to give you the skin you love.

From exfoliation to moisturising, we’ve tried it all and as the leading cosmetic skin clinic in the Channel Islands, we’ve dedicated ourselves to finding and perfecting all types of skin treatments. We understand that surgical treatment isn’t for everybody, even if you are considering a surgical procedure we’d advise you speak to our friendly, professional staff first; we may be able to suggest a non-surgical treatment to give you the results you love.

One of these tried and tested procedures in the Hydra Facial.

What Does the Hydra Facial Do?

Combining lymphatic drainage with deep cleaning and pore extraction, the Hydra Facial is the only procedure to use cleansing, hydration, exfoliation, antioxidant protection and red LED lighting therapy in one, painless process.

The Hydra Facial has been specially designed to plump up and hydrate your skin to give you a glowing complexion. Finally you can say goodbye to all of your store bought products!

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How Can the Hydra Facial Help Me?

It’s not every day you get multiple treatments in one easy process. With this in mind, the Hydra Facial is able to help reduce many skin problems in a single painless, effective process such as:

  • Wrinkle Reduction- the Hydra Facial helps to stimulating collagen to reduce the fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes and mouth.
  • Skin Texture and Tone Improvement-
  • Pigmentation Reduction- brown marks, liver spots and age spots can are all a thing of the past with the innovative multi-step procedure.
  • Acne Reduction- the Hydra Facial combines lymphatic drainage with deep cleansing and pore extraction to remove and reduce acne.
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What Are the Steps?

There are four simple and easy to follow steps in the Hydra Facial process. You have no need to rest between each steps, making the entire process quick and painless.

Step One- Cleansing and Exfoliating

Before anything, the Hydra Facial cleanses and exfoliates  your skin to remove the dead, surface skin cells. This reveals the healthy skin cells underneath giving you an instantaneous healthy glow.

Step Two- Infusion

The second step involves infusing glycolic solutions into your skin. This is a harmless process which helps to loosen blackheads, impurities and debris from your pores without any irritation.

Step Three- Extraction

This painless process involves an extraction vortex which sucks all of the loosened impurities from your pores, leaving them clean and clear.

Step Four- Hydration

Once your skin is clean and clear, the Hydra Facial infuses antioxidants and hyaluronic acid in to the skin to help protect and nourish it.

Once the process is complete you will be able to see an immediate difference. Your skin will be brighter, healthier and clearer than ever before and to help you keep your skin looking fantastic our Hydra Facial Essentials will help you to maintain, prolong and enhance your results.


We understand that every person is different however, making sure your comfortable throughout your procedure is out top priority so before you do anything, call us today on 01481 736699 and our friendly, professional staff will be happy to talk to you about any of our procedures.