Earlier this month, we posted an informative guide on the subject of Botox, and how sometimes rumours and hearsay can be worrying for people considering getting the treatment. Our piece looked at the subject from a professional view – setting the facts straight from fiction.


This time, we have turned our attention to the subject of breast augmentation (or simply breast enlargement), as we believe this is another subject that people can be misinformed about.

The fact is – it’s one of the most common types of cosmetic surgery performed in the UK, and whilst it’s not something to rush into, it’s also not something to be ashamed about.

As a cosmetic skin clinic in the UK, we are qualified surgeons who can offer expert advice on the subject. Read on to find out what we have to say!

They will look fake (Fiction)

The main thing that keeps some people from looking into getting breast augmentation surgery is the fact that they are worried that their breasts will be left looking fake.

If your surgery is performed by a qualified professional, you shouldn’t be left with unnatural looking breasts. This is because the tissue should be constructed to match your age, height and weight – meaning they shouldn’t look out of proportion to your body.

You can no longer breastfeed (Fiction)

A lot of women are put off by the thought of not being able to breastfeed once they have children. They are also worried that they will be passing on harmful chemicals to their baby if they do breastfeed.

We are not sure where this rumour came from, but there has been no evidence to suggest that getting breast augmentation surgery will interfere with your ability to breastfeed.

You have to replace them every few years (Fiction..sort of)

The bottom line is – all women are different. Some women may have to replace their breast implants after a few years, some after 10 years and some may never have to replace them.

As your age and body shape changes, it’s possible that this could affect the way that your breast implant is originally placed.

No doctor can guarantee that your implant will last forever, but it’s also not true that you will definitely need to get them replaced every few years.

It isn’t safe (Fiction)

As with all cosmetic surgery, people are quick to warn you that it isn’t safe.

Complications may have happened years and years ago before accurate research had been undertaken, but these days it has an excellent safety record. As with any type of surgery, if you have it done by a qualified surgeon, you’ll be in safe hands.

You can go smaller (Fact)

It’s a proven fact that a lot more women are going smaller rather than bigger when it comes to breast augmentation.

In the past, getting breast implants meant going big or going home – this isn’t quite the case anymore. Whilst women are still getting the surgery to enlarge their breasts, they are opting for a more natural look with smaller implants.

The main thing to remember is that everyone is different. What is right for you may not be for someone else. The decision should always be your own.

Our main aim at The Aesthetic Skin Clinic is to make you feel at ease in your own skin. We don’t want you to rush into anything that you are not 100% sure about, but when you do decide to go through with any kind of treatment or surgery, we aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible.

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