There are many reasons as to why someone would choose to go through with cosmetic surgery. Perhaps they have a specific aesthetic insecurity that’s been bothering them. Maybe they have recently lost weight and are looking for a way to tighten their skin and tone up. Or perhaps they’re looking to improve their athletic performance.


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Yes, cosmetic surgery has been used by athletes and sportspeople to improve athletic abilities, but this has been a taboo subject in the past. Not many sportspeople like to admit they have had cosmetic enhancements, but here at Aesthetic Skin Clinic, we don’t see anything wrong with it.

Today’s blog looks into how cosmetic surgery can improve athletic performance, which procedures sportspeople turn to the most, and why the subject often goes unspoken about in the industry.


Why is Cosmetic Surgery a Taboo Subject for Athletes?

Cosmetic surgery has been a taboo subject for a number of different reasons in several industries. For example, Hollywood stars used to refuse to comment on whether they had had surgery or not, and some still shy away from the questions. Sports stars are no different, with many athletes avoiding the personal questions surrounding aesthetic procedures. Whilst they aim to be the best at their sport and win for themselves or their team, it’s also important that top sportspeople look good while doing so. If they’re the best of the best and competing in the Olympics or world championships, they’re going to rise to fame, not only in their sport’s niche but all over the country and around the globe.

Additionally, as well as for aesthetic reasons, an athlete may be inclined to undergo cosmetic surgery to improve their athletic performance. Let’s take a look at some examples of the surgeries they may choose and why.


Fit female athlete with sports bra


Breast Reductions

Breasts can be incredibly heavy, and larger breasts can cause severe pain all over the body due to their weight, especially for athletes. Due to the excess weight that female athletes carry, their shoulders can droop, putting pressure onto their backs and shoulders, making moving around much more difficult.

Some female athletes have also claimed that their breasts have simply gotten in the way and become troublesome, revealing that they have to wear two (or more) sports bras to get adequate support.

Because of this, many female athletes turn towards breast reduction. Our breast reduction surgery in Jersey and Gurnsey offers women the chance to regain their confidence, fit comfortably into their clothes, and in terms of athleticism, be successful in their chosen sport.

Each client is different, and there isn’t a certain size you need to be to undergo the surgery. We treat everyone with the same knowledge and expertise but understand that each person has their own goals. Once the surgery is complete, you must observe the downtime, especially if you plan on returning to sports. Please allow two weeks to heal for breast reduction surgery, with swelling subsiding completely at four weeks. You should wait an additional two weeks after this (so, six weeks in total) before completing any strenuous activities.

After the healing process, you should immediately benefit from the reduction, feeling lighter and freer in your movements as well as experiencing no pain due to the weight of your breasts – directly improving your athletic performance.


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Nose reshaping, or its medical term rhinoplasty, is the process of enhancing and improving the appearance of the nose and is popular amongst those looking to reduce their nose’s size for aesthetic purposes. It can also be used to improve the quality of breathing, which is why it’s common amongst athletes.

When properly done at a reputable surgery such as Aesthetic Skin Clinic, rhinoplasty can help with the proper drainage needed in your nose and increase the airflow to aid breathing. Correct breathing is essential at all times but becomes crucial when taking part in high energy activities such as sports. Rhinoplasty can improve your athletic ability by allowing you to breathe easier, without any obstruction. By doing so, you can increase your stamina, exercise for longer, decrease muscle tension, and relax the mind allowing you to focus.

Additionally, broken noses are not uncommon in sports such as boxing or rugby. Our rhinoplasty surgery in Guernsey and Jersey is able to correct the damage done during a break, improving breathing quality as well as the appearance of the nose.


Breast Augmentation

Similarly to breast reductions, many athletic women may find that they would benefit from breast augmentation. This surgery doesn’t necessarily just increase the size of the breasts but rather alter the firmness and shape as well.

If you have lost weight due to increased exercise, you may have found that your breasts have lost some volume, and the skin has lost elasticity. As a result, when your breasts sag, you may find it more challenging to move around comfortably, and you need a sports bra with extra support, which might not work as well as you would like.


Woman choosing breast implants


Our breast augmentation in Jersey and Guernsey could be what you need to increase your comfort and allow you to reach your full potential in your sport without any restrictions. Our highly trained and experienced surgeons work to ensure you receive natural-looking results so you can feel confident, look good, and leave with the opportunity to improve your athletic ability.


Cosmetic Surgery After Sports Injuries

Another reason athletes may turn to cosmetic surgery to increase their athletic ability is to correct an injury. We don’t just treat patients looking to make an aesthetic difference to their bodies; we treat a large number of clients seeking help after getting hurt and who want to get better so they can return to what they love doing. Here are some examples of common surgeries used to treat injured athletes.

  • As discussed, to increase airflow and improve breathing.
  • Our eyelid surgery is common amongst athletes who have suffered an eye-related injury and are looking to improve symmetry on their faces.
  • Dermal fillers. We have had requests for dermal fillers in Belfast, Jersey, and Guernsey from injured athletes who have suffered from broken facial bones. This treatment can improve symmetry and restore lost volume in the face.

We’re proud to have worked alongside a wide variety of different people with varying goals and reasons for going through with cosmetic surgery. So, if you’re a sportsperson looking to improve your athletic performance, we can help. Get in touch with our team today to book your discreet consultation.