Modern cosmetic surgery technology


The cosmetic surgery industry is a sector that is constantly changing, especially in recent years. We have seen many advancements and incredible benefits, such as normalising cosmetic treatments and fantastic technological advancements. It’s interesting to look back on how far we have come and the various ways the industry has improved.

That is why, in today’s blog, we’re looking into the advancements of cosmetic surgery. First, we’ll be looking into the various improvements that the industry has seen over the years – for example, the welfare of patients during both the consultation and aftercare process. Additionally, we’ll explore the cosmetic surgeries themselves and how they have transformed over the years, bringing in new technologies to improve the procedures.


The Welfare of Patients

One of the most significant changes to the cosmetic surgery industry we have seen over time is the change in welfare for patients, specifically the advancements to their personal welfare. In short, we have seen much more care and consideration for clients in recent years, with reputable clinics ensuring that their clients are completely satisfied with every stage of their treatment. Here at Aesthetic Skin Clinic, we will talk you through every step of your procedure, from your initial discreet consultation through to the aftercare process.

In the past, some unreputable clinics put their clients through the treatment process as quickly as possible, just to get another client in. However, cosmetic surgery is not a money-making scheme; it is about changing people’s lives by improving their confidence with aesthetic changes and providing medical advancements by repairing defects to restore functionality to their bodies.


Female practitioner consulting a middle aged woman on her cosmetic enhancement choices


More Accessible and Normalised

Another significant change to the cosmetic surgery industry is the advancements in accessibility and the rise in the normalisation of cosmetic treatments. This is down to a variety of factors. In the 1970s and 80s, cosmetic surgery, or plastic surgery (as it was more widely known), was taking Hollywood by storm. A-list celebrities and moneymakers of the world were gathering in cities such as LA to undergo plastic surgery. Treatments such as breast enlargements and rhinoplasty were amongst the most popular – but it was nothing to shout about during this time. Cosmetic surgery was seen as shameful, and many people who went through with the treatments were too embarrassed to admit it.

However, this is not the same thought process today. Because of influencers such as the stars of Love Island, the normalisation of cosmetic surgery has risen, and people, celebrities and not, are no longer ashamed of their procedures. Love Island paved the way; as more and more contestants arrived at the villa having had lip fillers, or breast augmentation, the audience began to perceive this as the norm. While this has had some negative effects, overall, it has aided in making cosmetic surgery and treatments no longer taboo.

Thus, cosmetic treatments aren’t just something for the stars. They are something that anyone can enjoy without discrimination.


Technology advancements on cosmetic eye surgery


New Surgeries

Over the years, many new cosmetic surgeries have arrived in the industry. As a result, we are now lucky enough to offer surgeries just about anywhere on the body, from eyelid surgery to labiaplasty and everywhere in between.

As mentioned, some of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the 70s and 80s were breast augmentations and rhinoplasty, and whilst this reigns true to this day, there have been many adaptations of these popular procedures. In addition to breast enlargements, we offer breast reductions (Mammoplasty), breast uplifts (Mastopexy), and nipple revision surgery. These procedures help you achieve the breast shape, size, and overall appearance      you have always wanted.


Technology Advancements

As with every other industry, there have been significant advancements in the cosmetic surgery sector. For example, the advances of lasers within the industry has brought fantastic benefits to cosmetic surgery – with effectiveness, efficiency, and safety being improved due to their introduction.

Cristal Cryolipolysis, such as our fat freezing in Belfast, Jersey, and Guernsey, was also a fantastic technological advancement to unwanted fat procedures. It allows us to safely remove fat without damaging the surrounding tissue using the latest technology from the aerospace industry.

Additionally, Virtual Reality is slowly being introduced into the industry. This clever technology gives clients the chance to see what their body would look like after having cosmetic surgery undergoing the treatment. Although this is such a new concept, we expect it to become popular in the future as it’s such an innovative and exciting addition to the consultation process.


Female practitioner showing male client cosmetic surgery options on an iPad


The Future of Cosmetic Surgery

The cosmetic surgery industry is forever changing. And whilst traditional procedures such as breast enlargements will more than likely never go out of style, other surgeries will come and go as more gets introduced into the industry.

As time goes on, we can’t be sure what technological advancements there will be, but with the introduction of virtual reality, we couldn’t be more excited to find out.


Cosmetic Surgery at Aesthetic Skin Clinic

Here at Aesthetic Skin Clinic, we’re fascinated by the advancements that the cosmetic industry has seen over the years. As a result, we’re constantly adapting our services in line with any major changes to the industry to provide our clients with the latest and greatest available.

Please visit our cosmetic skin clinic in Jersey, Guernsey, or Belfast to book your discreet consultation or discuss your options. Additionally, please get in touch with any questions or queries – we’re always more than happy to help.