It’s no secret that as you get older, your skin significantly changes. It’s a natural result of the ageing process that comes to us all. You may notice a loss of elasticity or volume, fine lines or even discolouration. Products that worked in your 20s will lose effectiveness as you hit those later decades, so you must consistently adjust as you age.

Here’s what you need to know about each decade of your life and what kind of skincare products and cosmetic treatments you should be using.

Your 20s

Your 20s will be when your skin is at its best, but as you head into your later 20s you may notice a dullness to the skin and that you look more tired. Minor problems may have started to accumulate, such as sun damage, lack of sleep or stress.

In your 20s, you should prepare your skin for times ahead by implementing a full-proof skincare routine. You likely won’t have signs of ageing yet, so you should lay the foundations to help the skin in the long run.


Make sure you are using sunscreen daily, even if you are not planning on going outside. This will protect your skin from all light sources, including those from your phone and computer screen. You should also concentrate on hydration, so implement a good moisturiser into your routine or a topical retinol to help address any dullness in the skin. You may look at light cosmetic treatments like the Envy Facial.

Woman in her 20s


Your 30s are a transitional time because your skin is now completely post-puberty, and you tend to be more stable in other aspects of your life and are in a better position to invest in your skin. You will now start to see those early signs of ageing and the effects of sun damage. You will begin to see fine lines, a loss of volume and heavier pigmentation from sun damage as your skin’s repair system slows down. In this case, take a look at sun damaged skin treatments offered by us.


Aside from your skincare routine, you should be adding a topical retinol to help with fine lines and firmness. Also, look for products that contain vitamin C as this antioxidant can help to rejuvenate collagen in the skin.

You can also look at cosmetic treatments to help boost the appearance of your skin, such as chemical peels, microneedling and laser therapy in the form of Fraxel Skin Resurfacing.

Woman in her 30s


As you reach your 40s, you will start to see significant changes to the firmness of your skin. You will lose volume and elasticity, making your face appear saggy. There will be more pronounced wrinkles and sun damage, so you may start investing in more cosmetic treatments or making lifestyle adjustments.


For your skincare routine, you will need to accommodate your skin’s need for cell turnover and hydration, so invest in a good moisturiser for moisture retention, like a rich night cream to encourage skin barrier repair.

For cosmetic treatments, you may opt for something that reduces the signs of ageing, such as Dermal Fillers, to replace lost volume or chemical peels to target uneven skin tone.

Woman in her 40s


Post-menopause, your body will go through many changes due to fluctuating hormones. Skin becomes thinner and less elastic, and dryness becomes a significant concern. Express pigment and signs of sun damage like brown spots will become more prominent. You will also need to get moisture into your skin as it struggles to retain it.


For your skincare routine, stick to a mild cleanser that will remove dirt without removing the important oils your skin needs. As for treatments, anti-wrinkle injections are a great choice as they can significantly tackle the signs of ageing.

Woman in her 50s

60s and Beyond

One of the most common problems from the 60s onwards is a lack of hydration and moisture retention in the skin. The lack of elasticity will be visible in the face and neck due to thinner skin and weaker muscles. If you haven’t been using SPF, then prolonged UV exposure will have had an effect, and your skin will be showing severe signs of sun damage.


There is a shift away from the importance of skincare to procedures, so you can stick to a simple, gentle routine with lots of hydration. Focus on procedures such as laser treatments that can be done once or twice a year. You may also opt for more intensive treatments like a facelift.

Woman in her 60s

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