For a long time, cosmetic procedures have been considered a mainly female-oriented industry with women topping the numbers of people opting for surgical and non-surgical treatments. However, practitioners have noticed a continued increase in the number of men opting for cosmetic treatments, bucking the usual trend.

More and more men are opting for the knife, or needle, to enhance their appearance. But why is this the case? And what kinds of treatments are men looking for?

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Power Profile

Once upon a time, fillers and anti-wrinkle injections were viewed as youth-enhancing solutions for image-conscious women, but there’s a new reason for people, including men, to opt for these kinds of treatment.

A 2019 report by the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons found that men want to tweak their look, rather than looking entirely tucked. These tweaking procedures are often injectables like hyaluronic acids that produce more natural-looking results. They are quick and simple and give men a much desired “power profile”.

There are a number of reasons for the rise in men wanting to look more youthful, mostly revolving around the workplace. A report by the Washington Post suggests that nowadays, your prospects in the workplace are more likely to be damaged if people perceive you as being older than everyone else. So nips, tucks, and injections have become part of corporate survival. Cosmetic treatments are no longer just about vanity, they are about workplace success.

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Top Cosmetic Treatments for Men

British plastic surgeons reported a whopping 70% increase in requests for video consultations over 2020, with people wanting to fix some facial issues that they no doubt became increasingly aware of after so much time seeing themselves in video meetings.

There has always been pressure to look good in order to be successful, and it seems that men are becoming more enticed by this idea. Here are some of the top cosmetic procedures men are looking for:

Hair Transplant

Hair loss is common for men and can play a vital role in the outward appearance and perception of youth. It can have a drastic impact on a person’s self-esteem, and 70% of the male population experience some kind of hair loss in their life.

A hair restoration procedure from ASC involves no scalpel or post-procedure scarring. We use the most advanced techniques to give an entirely natural look with no tell-tale signs of surgery, and hair that continues to grow for life.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Anti-wrinkle injections are an incredibly safe way to correct facial lines and wrinkles. Our highly experienced cosmetic doctors inject into problem areas, blocking nerve impulses from reaching the area, causing the muscles to relax, and allowing the skin to remain smooth and wrinkle-free.

Common areas that can be treated include frown lines, crow’s feet, and the top lip and neck.

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Dermal fillers are used to smooth facial wrinkles and enhance facial features to give the face natural-looking plumpness and volume. We use the most natural-looking fillers available, hyaluronic acid, which is already present in the body and is responsible for water retention in the skin.

The fillers add volume to the face and draw in moisture to the skin, giving you a rejuvenated and hydrated look. They can be used to treat a number of problem areas like smoker’s lines, the nasolabial folds, chin, and cheeks. Our expertise in injectable treatments is vast, so we can offer you the best dermal fillers in Belfast, dermal fillers in Jersey and dermal fillers in Guernsey performed by our highly trained professionals.

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At ASC, our expert practitioners are always on hand to answer any questions you might have about surgical and non-surgical treatments. If you’d like to learn more about our cosmetic skin clinic in Guernsey, Jersey, or Belfast, contact us today.