People are spending more time than ever in front of screens. With leisure facilities still closed for business and people working from home, many of us are spending all day in front of a laptop for work then spending even more time in front of a computer or TV in the evening.

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This means we’re all being exposed to more blue light than ever before.

Blue light is released from digital screens of computers and TVs and is a kind of UV light that can cause damage to our eyes through excessive exposure. It can also mess with people’s body clocks, causing poor sleep. But, like sunlight, could blue light also be prematurely ageing our skin?

With all of us getting extra doses of blue light over the last year, here’s a closer look at what all this could be doing to our skin and how we can combat it.

What Can Blue Light Do to Skin?

While the research into the effects of blue light is still relatively new, dermatologists believe that exposure to these high energy, short wavelengths can have detrimental effects on the skin. UV light from the sun directly damages the cells’ DNA, but blue light can destroy collagen through oxidative stress.

A chemical in our skin absorbs blue light, which causes a reaction that produces unstable oxygen molecules that can damage the skin. Dermatologists agree that this can damage collagen and elastin, which supports the skin. Studies have also shown that hyperpigmentation is more significant in exposure to blue light than standard UV rays.

Currently, there are no conclusive studies that prove that blue light can directly age skin, but research experimenting on skin cells have shown the breakdown of collagen and the weakening of skin structure. Based on these results, it is a distinct possibility that blue light could cause the skin to age.

Collagen and elastin are essential to keeping our skin looking plump, radiant and youthful. If blue light damages our collagen production, then sitting in front of a screen every day could impact our skin more than we know.

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Protecting Skin from Blue Light

If you are concerned about the amount of blue light you are exposed to, there are a few things you can do. You should already be wearing a moisturiser with SPF protection to protect your skin from the harmful, ageing effects of UV light from the sun. However, most products will not be effective against blue light. You need to find products that protect against visible light so you can have blue light protection. Iron oxides have shown to be effective against blue light, so look for sunscreens or moisturisers containing this substance.

Your phone will likely have a night mode which will filter out the blue light, and it’s a good idea to utilise this at night, or possibly even throughout the entire day. Laptops and computers will likely also have a night mode, or you can download a blue light filter online that will give your screen a warmer screen tone emitting less blue light.

Of course, another way to help your skin is to try to limit your interactions with screens. This may not be possible for people who require laptops and computers for work, but if you’re in the habit of watching TV after work or scrolling through your phone, consider taking a break with a non-screen related activity like going for a walk or reading a book.

Limiting your exposure to blue light, applying blue light filters to your screens and wearing adequate skin protection can help repel the adverse effects of blue light on the skin.

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Skin Rejuvenating Treatments

If you’re concerned that your skin is not looking its best after a year of excessive screen use, there are plenty of cosmetic treatments that can help you look and feel great, including:


A HydraFacial is a popular treatment with celebrities that will leave your skin brighter and refreshed. This treatment will unclog pores and remove dead skin cells in the extraction process, and then combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, hydration, antioxidant protection and red-light therapy to give you a stunning complexion you will love.

Envy Facial

The Envy Facial is a three in one treatment that extracts then immediately infuses the skin with serums to deliver maximum penetration of the active ingredients into the skin, enhancing the serum absorption at the deepest level. It works to improve the texture and tone of the skin, targeting the areas affected by ageing and sun damage.

Anti-Wrinkle Injections

For people developing fine lines and wrinkles, anti-wrinkle injections are a safe and effective way to correct facial lines for those experiencing the adverse effects of ageing. They cause the muscles to contract, blocking the nerve impulses and forcing them to relax, helping the skin remain smooth and unwrinkled.

At Aesthetic Skin Clinic, our medical professionals are highly trained and have extensive knowledge when it comes to injectable-based treatments. We’ll re-open once lockdown ends and will be able to provide you with many cosmetic treatments, including anti wrinkle injections in Jersey, anti wrinkle treatments in Guernsey or anti wrinkle treatments in Belfast.