The saying ‘new year, new me’ has never been truer with the year we’ve just had! And although life isn’t normal again yet, with 2020 behind us, it’s the perfect time to focus on setting new goals. The beginning of a new year is when we can reset and get a fresh (re)start, as well as aim for something different.

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We’re looking at popular beauty resolutions that you can adopt to create new habits and/or just generally feel happier and healthier. The most important thing about these goals? They’re achievable! That makes them easier to stick to throughout 2021 instead of fizzling out midway through the year.

1. Book a Facial Treatment

With the strange year we’ve just had, why not start 2021 feeling refreshed? A facial treatment can help with just that, especially because it can help take years off your skin and help you to feel healthier.

These treatments improve your complexion and help you to take care of your skin for longer because you feel more motivated to do it after seeing the results.

For example, our HydraFacial procedure is ideal for anyone looking for a complete treatment. Not only will your skin be brighter and more refreshed, but HydraFacial will also unclog your pores and remove dead skin and dirt. And that’s not all. This fantastic treatment also cleanses, exfoliates, extracts, hydrates and offers antioxidant protection and red LED light therapy.

Our Envy Facial is another unmissable treatment. It extracts and infuses the skin with specialised serums and delivers results that last a long time. The results include plumper skin, more volume and hydration, and improved tone and texture.

2. Remove Makeup Before Bed

This should be a no-brainer but how many times do we go to bed without taking our makeup off? This year, make it a goal to cleanse your face before going to sleep – and stay on track throughout the year, as this will give you the best results.

Removing makeup before bed can prevent damage to your skin, as you’re allowing it to breathe. In addition, there are a lot of substances in makeup, some of them oily, so they can clog your pores and lead to skin imperfections if not removed properly. And, by removing all impurities, you can also avoid breakouts and acne.

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3. Take Care of Your Hands

2020 did a number on our skin, especially with all the hand washing and sanitising that went on! It’s important that you heal from all that in 2021 and repair your dry skin before it gets worse. Because we’re going to continue washing our hands regularly and wearing masks, protecting your skin ensures it looks and feels great no matter what.

And, because it’s winter, your skin is exposed to the elements, especially your hands, so make sure you nourish them and moisturise them as much as possible. Remember to apply SPF as well; this is a good idea for your hands too, not just your face, as it can protect you against harmful sun rays that damage your skin.

4. Get Your Beauty Sleep

Sleeping well is so important for both your physical and mental health, and it can also help your skin to look great for longer. Getting the right amount of sleep can mean saying goodbye to those bags under your eyes, as well as ensuring that you feel energised and ready to tackle the day.

Your skin and body repair themselves when you sleep as well. Collagen is created as you sleep, something that helps prevent wrinkles and sagging. Your complexion is also more likely to look dull or lifeless when you’re not getting enough sleep, so staying up late and not sleeping enough can hinder that glowing complexion you’re looking for.

5. Exfoliate Weekly

It’s easy to forget about exfoliating, especially if you have a busy life or simply can’t be bothered to add this step to your beauty routine. However, it’s a necessary one. Exfoliating gets rid of dead skin and damaged cells, revealing healthier, glowing skin underneath. You shouldn’t exfoliate too often either, as this can do more harm than good, but once or twice a week should do the trick.

You’ll notice that your skin is less oily, and its texture improves as well.

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6. Opt for Lukewarm Showers

While we understand just how nice it is to take a hot shower or bath (and how relaxing it is, especially after a busy day), we also know how harmful it can be for your skin. Hot water can dry your skin by removing natural oils. These oils are necessary to hydrate your skin and ensure a more glowing complexion.

So, opt for a lukewarm temperature instead, and moisturise immediately after you shower, so that you can keep moisture in. Your skin will thank you!

7. Don’t Forget the Lips

Make it your resolution to take care of your lips in 2021 as well. The skin of your lips is thinner and more delicate, so it’s important to protect it against the elements. The sun and the wind, for example, can damage it, including by drying it out.

With a good exfoliant to remove dead skin cells and a moisturiser to ensure your lips are smooth and hydrated, you won’t have to worry about dry, chapped lips. You should use products with SPF to further protect them against the effects of the sun. And, if you’ve been thinking about lip fillers, 2021 is your year, so don’t postpone it any longer! We can help with individual requirements while paying special attention to facial proportions, so you’re always getting great results.

Set your new year beauty resolutions today and let us know how we can help. We’re available to discuss your needs and to answer your questions at our cosmetic skin clinic in Guernsey, Jersey and Belfast, so contact us today to learn more.