There are many reasons why people may choose to undergo a treatment such as a facelift. The motivations will vary from person to person, from health to confidence, all of which can affect you doing certain things in life.

It may not even be a reason of not liking how you look, but more down to maintenance to keep the appearance you love. Plastic surgeon, Dr Mendelson, says that, from his experience, most women see surgery as a way of improving their self-esteem.

A study from 2012 showed that factors such as media exposure, personal issues, evolutionary interests, and accessibility, also have an impact. speaks about self-esteem for woman here, noting how high self-esteem and confidence in looks gives women strength and flexibility to take charge of their lives, and is key to becoming a fully conscious leader of the future.

All reasons, whether confidence, self-esteem or for maintenance, or any obstacle that prevents you from feeling good about yourself, can stop you from fulfilling any ambitions and dreams you may have. Don’t forget that doing things for yourself can lead to happiness, and if you feel this is the right approach, the possibilities are endless.

So, what dream are you going to pursue next, and what is possible now that your facelift is fully healed and ready to be showed to the world?

Tell the World

After going through surgery such as a facelift, you can feel motivated. You will most likely feel much healthier and confident. The first thing you may want to do is to tell the world about it, just as Liz Jones did in this article.

There must be a reason why you have undergone this procedure. Maybe you aren’t the only one who is going through this and others could benefit from reading some wise and motivational words. Whether this be in the form of writing a book, an article or a blog, your words could help someone to make a life changing decision such as yours.


Social Media Influencer

The world we live in is surrounded by social media influencers and the stories they tell us through videos, photos, and other posts. While we might not necessarily see it, we are highly influenced by these people and their status.

With your new outlook on life and your fresh look, you could spread the word through social media channels. Whether this be a YouTube channel or an Instagram account, you could show the world your fabulous aesthetic through posts and more. Just take a look at the likes of ‘Fancy Vlogs by Gab’ discussing her new nose, or Aspyn Ovard telling viewers about her plastic surgery experience.

Wear New Styles and Makeup

With newfound confidence and self-esteem, you may feel more confident to experiment with new looks. Whether this is exploring with new makeup or even getting a new wardrobe, you may feel like this is the perfect time.

Dressing powerfully can influence the steps in your career, and the more confident we are with a style, the more it can even affect the mind.

Is there a better time to begin getting creative with the way you look and how you dress? Why not strap on some new shoes and flaunt your new look, or take some selfies to show off on your social media?

Travel Fabulous

Travelling is on many people’s list of dreams and aspirations, and now that you have completed your facelift, you will most likely have the confidence to pack that bag and go for it.

When travelling, you will most likely be meeting new people, trying new things and being the most adventurous you have ever been. The way you feel after your facelift could bring on a new lease of life to your travels. After all, confidence is key when it comes to travelling.

People even said that travelling alone is one of the best things they have ever done so don’t miss out on these new experiences!

While the way you look should certainly never stop you from pursuing your dreams, the way you feel can certainly bring obstacles. Any dream is achievable now that you feel refreshed and, essentially, feel like a new you. Whatever your dreams, the team here at Aesthetic Skin Clinic would be honoured to be a part of your new journey. Simply get in touch today to find out more.