In this current day and age, a lot more women are concerned with the way they look, especially when it comes to their lips.

We’ve seen the controversial Kylie Jenner approach of lip sucking through a glass bottle, and the endless high street makeup products promising to give the effect of fuller lips. But why is the consensus that we desire bigger lips? Is there a scientific reason, and how can you achieve the desired effect easily, efficiently and more importantly, safely?

Why bigger lips are better

The Science Behind It

There is plenty research to suggest that bigger lips are better. Dr Marisa Coen conducted research into the science of relationships and discovered that fuller lips are more desired in females because of evolutionary psychology, signifying that it shows a strong maternal and mating potential. This is more related to symmetry and assessments of mate values.

Dr Coen explains “Nobel Prize-winning ethologist Konrad Lorenz introduced the idea that the physical features of infants will activate the innate desire in adults to take care of them. Younger [looking] individuals may be preferred because the baby-like features elicit positive care-taking responses from others”

According to this research, we are more likely to warm towards an adult with softer, childlike features such as big lips and eyes or protruding cheeks.


The History of The Plump Lip

1915 was the year in which the idea of beauty altered, and alongside it, the ‘ideal’ lip.

In this year the lipstick became a big thing, especially a bold red shade, with flapper girls using it for a more exaggerated effect. As these women were the focus for the opposite sex, it was natural that it was thought they were the ideal lady. We then went on to gain such fuller lipped ladies such as Marilyn Monroe in the 40’s, who’s exaggerated red pout was a part of her iconic look.

As time progressed, we saw People magazine name Angeline Jolie the world’s most beautiful celebrity, and the statistic of lip augmentation climb to 35% more than in previous years. From this we went on to see the internet erupt from the likes of Kylie Jenner and many plumper lipped celebs. All these stepping stones in history have brought us to the current day and age and desirability for a fuller, plumper lip.


An image of a woman smiling


How Can I Achieve This?

Many women decide to consider methods of getting a fuller lip for many reasons. This could be either the ageing process, thin lips or simply the lips not having the aesthetic you want. A smaller lip can sometimes, dependant on the facial features, make other features look larger in comparison. It is a personal preference, but confidence is important and if your appearance makes you feel down or unattractive, it can affect your life and your self-confidence.

There are two mains ways to get the lip look you want. You can either choose to have lip fillers in Belfast, Guernsey or Jersey or anti-wrinkle treatment at either of our clinic locations. These treatments not only enhance your lips, but give definition. By giving a fuller and natural look, it works in harmony with your entire face. A more sensuous lip can restore a youthful appearance, and alter and define your cupids bow.

As a society, we have evolved so much with beauty standards, and are now at a stage where even cosmetic adjustments can be subtle, safe and rewarding. These treatments aim to achieve the perfect look for you by working around your features to gain a natural and rejuvenated appearance. Rather than trying to just bulk the lip out, we work strategically to ensure the lip area is revitalised and hydrated.

Our lips begin to lose volume as early as our late twenties, and as we age more, the lips become much thinner. By introducing small amounts of subtle filler, the shape and size of the lip can become how you’ve always desired.


A pair of lips pouting


At the Aesthetic Skin Clinic, we have a dedicated team of experts who through knowledge and precision, can give you the results you want. If you would like any more information or to book a consultation, simply get in touch. The perfect lips are waiting for you.