Over the last few years, Latisse has been gaining more and more attention in the world of beauty and skin care. Brought to us by Allergan – the same people who brought us Botox – this FDA approved solution to thinning eyelashes has taken the world by storm and gained high profile proponents from all over the globe. The treatment, which widely argued to be the most effective way of thickening and lengthening eyelashes on the market has been scientifically proven to double lash fullness in just 16 weeks.


Claire Danes has been active in endorsing Latisse

Thinning lashes are a less commonly identified symptom of ageing, and until the advent of Latisse there was very little that could be done to reverse it. Data from clinical trials revealed that older women had shorter, thinner and lighter lashes than younger women and that there was a “downward trend of eyelash fullness, length and darkness as women with inadequate lashes age”

The prescription treatment can change this however. Latisse uses an active ingredient known as Bimatoprost – something which has been well known to stimulate eyelash growth and was previously used for the treatment of eye conditions such as glaucoma and manage ocular pressure.

And it is not only women who have a problem with thinning eyelashes as they get older who have benefited from the solution. Many women who are recovering after the loss of hair during chemotherapy, are reportedly using Latisse in order to regain their lashes. Many women who have undergone intensive treatment report that losing their lashes is the thing that makes them the most self-conscious and “un-feminine” but are finding that this confidence is regained through the usage of Latisse.

With celebrity endorsements coming from the likes of Romeo and Juliet star Claire Danes and Twilight sensation Kristen Stewart, the popularity of this product seems likely to endure for years to come.

If you think that you would benefit from the treatment, please consult your doctor or registered professional who will be able to further advise you of your suitability and of where you can receive your treatment.