Botox is used to prevent and improve facial lines and wrinkles and can also be used to treat many medical conditions, including hyperhidrosis and cerebral palsy. The Aesthetic Skin Clinic offer Botox in Guernsey and Jersey so you can easily benefit from the many advantages of this popular procedure.

What is Botox?

Anti-wrinkle injections such as Botox are a purified protein produced by Clostridium bacterium that works by relaxing the facial muscles that create deep expression lines. Also called botulinum toxin, Botox can improve the appearance of dynamic wrinkles and smooth the skin, even when used in small quantities.

We provide Botox in Guernsey and Jersey which, while not permanent, will give you a noticeable improvement within just a few days of the procedure – and you’ll still be able to enjoy results for the next 3 to 6 months. Commonly used for areas such as crow’s feet, brow lines, forehead lines, jawline, and platysmal bands in the neck, Botox is incredibly versatile and effective.

Why Choose Botox in Guernsey and Jersey with The Aesthetic Skin Clinic?

Our professional team ensures not only outstanding service, but also fantastic results, so you can be confident that you’re in great hands at all times. Our treatment usually takes between 15 to 30 minutes and is efficient and safe, with minimal side effects and downtime.

Our vast and extensive knowledge of the cosmetic world include Botox and allows us to excel when it comes to anti-wrinkle injections. Results can take up to a fortnight to take full effect, so it’s important to wait until this time has passed before deciding if you want to adjust the dose of the injectable, which we’ll easily do for you at our cosmetic clinic in Guernsey and Jersey.

At The Aesthetic Skin Clinic, we are committed to ensuring that all our patients are well informed and comfortable in their decisions. You will have an initial consultation where we will answer any questions you may have about our anti-wrinkle injections, and we’ll create a bespoke treatment based on the results you wish to achieve, as well as on your skin type.

Contact The Aesthetic Skin Clinic for Botox in Guernsey and Jersey

We believe in only offering excellence; our treatments are tailored because each case is different, and our highly trained doctors and nurses know how to ensure the best results. If you’re searching for great Botox in Guernsey and Jersey, get in touch with us on 02890 319060 to discuss your needs, and we’ll be happy to arrange a consultation.