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In a world where radiant skin is the epitome of beauty and good health, people are taking their skincare more seriously now than ever before. At the Aesthetic Skin Clinic, our mission aligns perfectly with your goals: to provide impeccable skincare solutions and cosmetic services to reveal the most radiant you’ve ever been.

So today, we thought we would provide a bit of context behind what we do here. We’ll be delving into our history and explaining our roots and what made us what we are today. We’ll also be talking you through our discreet consultation process and fantastic aftercare services to put your mind at ease. If you’re thinking of booking a surgical cosmetic procedure or a facial, but you want to learn more about us, this is the place to be.

A Brief History of ASC

Our story at ASC began in the beautiful landscapes of Guernsey in 2000. Pioneered by Dr. John Curran, we embarked on a mission to provide world-class professional services in cosmetic dermatology. Our cosmetic clinic in Guernsey, the first-established branch, is an easily accessible cosmetic clinic located near the main town on the South Esplanade. Boasting a friendly atmosphere, state-of-the-art facilities, and an award-winning team, we offer a range of personalised and cutting-edge treatments for various cosmetic preferences and conditions.

Becoming synonymous with trust and quality, we soon expanded with our cosmetic clinic in Jersey, ensuring the continuation of our reputation for excellence. Every treatment we offer resonates with Dr. Curran’s unwavering commitment to ASC’s mission, solidifying us as a centre of excellence in cosmetic dermatology.

our exceptional team

Our Exceptional Team

At ASC, our team forms the heartbeat of our operation. On your first visit, you will likely meet Hayley, our Head Nurse Prescriber and Clinical Director, who carries warmth and passion in equal measure. Over at our Jersey clinic, skilled aesthetic doctors Dr. Tania and Dr. Natalia conduct consultations, utilising their broad wealth of knowledge to guide every patient.

Our medically trained and experienced staff stand as our most potent asset in delivering quality cosmetic healthcare. Our team’s deep understanding of both anatomy and cosmetic technology ensures tailored treatments that work with your body’s unique system. And the marriage of vast experience and medical knowledge yields natural results, reinforcing an individual’s confidence and well-being. The team has a keen ‘aesthetic eye’, which ensures the deeply personal aspect of beauty treatments is met with understanding, compassion, and proficiency, never compromising patient safety and satisfaction. In essence, our staff reflects our commitment to excellence in patient-focused cosmetic dermatology.

Comprehensive Consultation Process

The journey with ASC begins with our comprehensive yet personalised consultation process. Open conversations concerning your goals, medical history, and expectations will take place with our proficient practitioners. They explain every step of the procedure, ensuring you’re both well-informed and comfortable. These discussions foster confidence in our patients, allowing them to be active participants in their own treatment process.

If you choose to undergo surgical treatments, you’ll meet our renowned plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic surgeon, Mr Liaquat Verjee. A respected name in his field, Mr Verjee elevates the quality of our surgical consultations by integrating cutting-edge trends and techniques from his practice in London.

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Aftercare and Support

Our dedication to your wellness extends beyond our treatment rooms. At ASC, we firmly believe that an excellent patient experience involves comprehensive aftercare. So, whether you’re recovering from breast reduction surgery, seeking aftercare for skin tightening, or wanting to do everything you can to speed up recovery after treatment, we’re here to help. Regardless of your treatment, our team remains available to provide ongoing support, address your queries, and ensure seamless follow-up. Your satisfaction and comfort remain our priority, even after you step out of our premises.

Each treatment will require different aftercare, so you must follow your practitioner’s advice regarding the best practices. This will ensure you recover well, avoid complications, and see the results you’ve been hoping for faster.

Diverse Array of Treatments

Be it rejuvenating skin treatments or state-of-the-art surgical procedures, we pride ourselves on a broad range of treatments designed to cater to every unique skin type and body goal preference. Our selection includes cutting-edge surgical procedures, such as offering consultations for Vaser liposuction in Guernsey and facelift surgery in Jersey for those seeking stunning transformations. Additionally, we curate non-surgical alternatives and skincare solutions, allowing more options for rejuvenation.

However, our vision extends beyond providing treatments; we aim to grant you an unparalleled, safe, five-star experience that you truly deserve. So, join us in your journey to unlock the radiant self within you. With just a consultation away, allow us to guide you through this fulfilling path towards graceful ageing and timeless beauty. Discover the unmatched 5-star ASC experience because you deserve nothing less; contact us today.