Bathing in the heat of the summer sun is something many of us dream about all year round. Sipping on your favourite cocktail, your perfect summer playlist blasting, and the luxury of sitting around doing nothing. What could go wrong? Well, not to be the raincloud on your sunny day, but without the proper protection, you could seriously damage your skin and overall health.

Sun lotion on skin in the shape of a sun

Whilst sunlight and the vitamin D it provides are crucial for our overall health, too much exposure (and unprotected exposure) has the opposite effect. Often, once sun damage becomes visible, it can be difficult to treat, which is why prevention is key. However, professional treatments are out there to ease the symptoms and put a stop to further side effects.

So, today we’re looking into how the team here at Aesthetic Skin Clinic can help you repair sun damage with the assistance of our high-quality treatments and professional skincare products. Read on to learn more about the effects of sun damage and what you can do to treat it.

What Does Sun-Damaged Skin Look Like?

As mentioned, you may not know your skin is sun damaged until the visible signs are there, so here are a few symptoms to look out for:

  • Uneven tone. The sun’s UV rays are the primary cause of an uneven skin tone. Although you may long for a glowing sunkissed tan, a tan itself is a sign of damage.
  • Broken vessels. Sun damage can also come in the form of broken veins and blood vessels which starts when UV rays cause the superficial blood vessels to thin out. This is what then causes bleeding, bruising, and visible broken vessels.
  • Lines and wrinkles. UV rays damage elastin in the skin causing a lack of firmness and eventually causing sagging, lines and wrinkles to appear.
  • Solar elastosis. This is a skin disorder which is caused by sun damage. It gives the skin a yellowed, thick, and bumpy appearance.

Sun burnt skin

How Sun Damage in Your Younger Years Affects Your Skin Later On

Sun damage is often not visible until long after the damage has been made. Unfortunately, this means that you may go about your younger years sunbathing, working on your tan and not using the proper protection and think you have escaped damage because you can’t see anything wrong. But, of course, this isn’t true, and this mindset is incredibly dangerous.

Although preparing for anti-ageing in your 20s may seem too early, we don’t believe there is a better time to start. This is because although your skin ages naturally, the sun can speed up the process and prematurely age you, which leads to the visible signs of sun damage listed before, and, worse, possible skin cancer.

Is It Ever Too Late to Repair Sun Damage?

Sun damage can lead to a long list of severe skin disorders and health issues, such as skin cancer, which is often irreversible and difficult to treat. However, not each visible sign of sun damage will lead to this, and more often than not, the damage that has been done can be treated.

We will note that it is absolutely never too late to begin protecting against sun damage. Whilst if you have lines, wrinkles, and uneven tone, you may believe that avoiding the proper protection and continuing to sunbathe with no protective barrier will do no additional harm, it can. Next time you head outside, even if the sun isn’t shining, ensure you have the right SPF cream and any other protection you may need, such as a hat or sunglasses. The sun’s rays are still damaging through the clouds, which means that a barrier between your skin and the sun is always needed, even in winter.

At-Home Treatments for Sun Damage

Obagi Nu Derm SerumsThe best place to start treating sun damage is at home, which means purchasing professional skin care products to reverse any damage and act as that all-important barrier we discussed before. Here at Aesthetic Skin Clinic, we offer a variety of professional skincare brands at our cosmetic skin clinic in Guernsey, Jersey, and Belfast. One of which is Obagi Medical, a range of industry-approved serums, creams, and treatments designed to tackle sun damage and restore skin. Specifically, we would recommend the Obagi Nu Derm Serums, which have been proven to transform sun-damaged skin, providing it with a youthful glow

Peels to Treat Sun Damage

A professional skin peel is a great idea if you’re looking for something a little more in-depth or to have alongside your at-home skincare routine. We offer the Obagi Blue Peel in Jersey and Guernsey, which is a quick, simple clinical treatment that works to improve both skin health and appearance. We ensure this skin peel is completely customised to your needs, which cannot often be done with other peels, meaning you are getting a truly bespoke procedure. The treatment involves using slow-acting trichloracetic acid and blue solution, which can be adjusted in strength depending on your needs and the sun damage your skin has. The solutions encourage the removal of aged and damaged skin, allowing for healthier skin cells to replace it and tightness to resurface. Recovery will be dictated by the depth of the peel.

Intense Pulsed Light Treatment

Another great option to repair sun-damaged skin is Intense Pulsed Light treatment, also referred to in the industry as IPL. This non-invasive treatment involves high-tech equipment that turns light into heat energy in order to remove sun spots, correct uneven tone, and provide you with a rejuvenated glow. Our IPL treatment in Belfast, Jersey, and Guernsey, always begins with an in-depth consultation where we can learn more about you, analyse your skin, and prepare before treatment to ensure the procedure is what you need for your skin goals. From there, we can assess how many treatments you require; most patients need three sessions with two-weekly breaks in-between for optimum results.

If this sounds like something your skin needs, or you would like to learn more about the treatments we offer for repairing sun damage, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.