Many cosmetic treatments are safe and provide fantastic results all year round, but others are more effective when undergone during winter. There are many reasons for this, such as the sun’s UV rays causing irritation and the heat making sleeping uncomfortable and difficult after surgery during summer.

However, it is still possible to undergo treatments during this time, and, in some cases, professionals will encourage you to have a procedure during the summer. So, today we’re looking into some treatments that are much more suited to the summer months. We’ll explore some of the benefits of going through with these treatments during this time of year and the treatments that give you the best results.


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Benefits of Cosmetic Treatments During Summer

Contrary to popular belief, there are plenty of advantages to having some cosmetic treatments during summer. Let’s take a look:

  • Allow yourself to heal. Letting your body heal from your treatment during the summer months means that you will be much more prepared when it comes to winter.
  • More availability. Due to the myth that undergoing cosmetic surgery during summer is not advisable, clinics are often much quieter during these times, meaning you’re more likely to get the appointment you want.
  • Improve your confidence. Some treatments have little to no recovery time, so you can leave looking and feeling your most confident self, ready for your summer plans straight after your appointment.


Treatments to Avoid During Summer

Of course, despite these benefits, there are still a number of treatments you should avoid going through during summer. These include:

  • Laser hair removal. Any procedures that involve lasers, such as our laser hair removal in Belfast and other clinics, should be avoided during the summer months. This is because this procedure increases your skin’s sensitivity, meaning it is much more likely to suffer from sunburn. If your skin gets burnt right after laser hair removal, it could mean that you are left with permanent scarring and hyperpigmentation, so you must stay covered up and use strong SPF products when you leave the house.


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  • Liposuction. Many people wish for their perfect body for summer, and often to achieve this, they undergo liposuction. Whilst our liposuction in Jersey, Guernsey, and Belfast is a fantastic solution to remove stubborn fat and get you closer to your body goals, we would not recommend this treatment during summer. This is because you are required to wear support bandages as part of the downtime, which would be uncomfortable in the heat. If you’re considering this treatment, always book in during winter when the extra layer won’t be an issue.
  • Chemical peels. Much like laser hair removal, chemical peels are not advisable during summer because there is a chance you could become sunburnt, resulting in permanent scarring. In addition, during a chemical peel, the top layer of your skin sheds, meaning it’s much more sensitive to the sun.

Don’t let this list put you off visiting Aesthetic Skin Clinic during summer; plenty of treatments are perfect during the warmer months; let’s take a look.


Lip Fillers

Our lip filler treatments are incredibly popular in summer for a number of reasons. Although we recommend avoiding direct UV rays for the first two weeks after your treatment, you do not need to worry about hyperpigmentation or scarring, as no skin is removed during this procedure.

In addition, you must drink plenty of water in hot weather to stay hydrated; this is the same after receiving lip fillers. Keeping hydrated is essential after this procedure, so keeping an ice-cold glass of water in your hand benefits against the heat and helps your beautiful new lips recover quickly.

Lastly, lip fillers are not permanent and can last between six and eighteen months, depending on the amount of filler, the product used, and how well you take care of them. Because of this, many patients choose to have their lip filler appointments at the beginning of summer, so they have the perfect pout for their holidays and summer plans without having to think about getting them topped up.


Anti-Wrinkle Injections

Fine lines and wrinkles are much more noticeable during the summer. For example, crow’s feet can become prevalent in the sun as you squint more than usual. This can leave you feeling insecure and self-conscious, which is one of the main reasons someone would come to us for our anti-wrinkle injections in Guernsey and our other clinics.


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Similarly, sun damage causes the signs of ageing to speed up, leaving you with more noticeable wrinkles the more time you spend outdoors. Because of this, many clients visit us during this time to correct their fine lines and slow down the visible ageing process.


Treatments for Hyperhidrosis

Whilst sweating is completely normal, especially during the hotter months, some people suffer from hyperhidrosis, or excessive sweating, which becomes more prevalent in summer due to the increase in temperature. This is often incredibly embarrassing for the patient and can lead to them not wanting to leave the house during summer because of the visible patches or odour that the sweat leaves.

To tackle this, our treatments for excessive sweating increase in popularity in summer thanks to their incredible results. Most patients will require ongoing treatments but will start their journey in the summer. The procedure involves injecting the chosen area with botulinum toxin to block the nerves leading to the sweat glands.



Facials are one of the most popular treatments that our clients undergo during summer. There isn’t just one reason for this; they offer an abundance of benefits, especially during hot weather, including:

  • Improving signs of sun damage
  • Corrects pigmentation and skin tone problems
  • Unclogs pores of sweat

Our cosmetic skin clinics offer a fantastic range of facial treatments to suit and help all skin types. Please don’t hesitate to speak to our medically-trained and results-driven team of professional dermatologists to find out what we can do for you. In addition, if you’re looking to book a treatment but aren’t sure whether it is suitable for summer, we are more than happy to offer our advice and expert guidance during your discreet consultation; contact us today.