We have heard the term “Summer-ready” for many months. Often individuals will work on their summer bodies throughout the winter, making the most of the colder climates to keep cool whilst out for a run or coming out of stuffy gyms. However, whilst you might try to lose that stubborn area of fat, sometimes it will just not tone or go in time for those bikini pictures on the beach.

But how do you know if fat loss treatments are the way for you? With expertise in fat loss treatments within our Guernsey, Jersey, and Belfast clinics, today we’re covering everything you need to know about the procedures before deciding to go ahead with one.


Woman pinching fat on her hip


What is Fat Loss Treatment?

There are many treatments for fat loss available in several healthcare sectors, with many different methods, but essentially it is the process of losing stubborn weight. This may be through the assistance of medication, either prescribed or over the counter. Alternatively, there are other options for removing stubborn fat, such as invasive or non-invasive procedures like our non-surgical fat removal in Belfast.

Deciding which option is best for you centres around your physical health, how much fat loss you require, and doctor recommendations.


A Look At Some Fat Loss Treatments Available

As mentioned, generally speaking, there are three options for removing problem fat. They can sometimes work in conjunction with each other, overlap or work as a singular treatment. But, again, it all depends on your fat loss outcome goals and physical health requirements.

Medication. Hundreds of medications are available to aid with fat loss, either over the counter or prescribed by a doctor. Over-the-counter fat loss medications are best for those who may not categorise themselves as overweight but wish to reach a specific dress size quicker than a balanced diet and exercise regime will offer.

Prescribed fat loss medication is usually for patients who may suffer from a weight-related condition such as diabetes, and the doctor believes that they can take control of their eating habits in a healthy mindset. It can also be used in preparation for surgical options to encourage patients to lose weight beforehand.

Non-Surgical Procudures. There are several procedures, and a favourable one we see booked regularly is the fat freezing in our Guernsey, Belfast, and Jersey clinics. This requires using vacuum applicators in carefully selected sizes to draw tissue in built-up deposit areas. The area will then be cooled at the skin’s surface to crystallise and selectively destroy the fat cells. This procedure works with pressure and is relatively pain-free. Results for this procedure typically show just three weeks after treatment, with the best results around 1-3 months after the process. These options are ideal for individuals with “stubborn fat areas” they want to remove without overnight stays or invasive surgeries.


Woman who has lost weight on her face due to cosmetic surgery


Surgical Procedures. There are many variations of extremities when it comes to surgical procedures for fat loss treatments. They vary from dealing with areas which may be causing personal insecurities, such as our liposuction in Guernsey treatments, or more life-changing surgeries like sleeve gastrectomy, where part of the stomach is removed to prevent overeating.

At Aesthetic Skin Clinic, we aim to help you reach your personal goals with stubborn areas of fat to help you gain newfound confidence that will have you catching your reflection in every window or mirror you pass.


Size Constraints for Fat Loss Treatments at Aesthetic Skin Clinic

Whilst we aim to help everyone reach their goals on their fat loss journeys, there are some restrictions regarding physical health and weight, where we would advise patients to speak with their doctors about alternative options to our treatments.

Weight – Our patients can be overweight, but a BMI under 40 is required. This is to protect our patients from undergoing a procedure which will either cause them harm in some way or not produce their desired results.

Health Issues – Unfortunately, a range of issues could prevent us from safely carrying out our fat loss treatments. Theses include but are not limited to;

  • Pregnancy/breastfeeding
  • Auto-immune diseases
  • Diabetics
  • Acute or chronic skin disease
  • Blood thinning medical requirements

We will always ask for an in-depth patient history before your treatment to be sure that our procedures are safe for your physical well-being.


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Ways to Help Fat Loss at Home

Depending on your procedure, it could take several weeks to see the treatment results. However, there are several ways to help encourage the treatment you can do at home for even better results.

A balanced diet is an ideal goal to be achieved, either before treatment or post-treatment. Ensure you are obtaining your daily calorie intake through various fresh fruit, vegetables, and proteins to guarantee that your body receives the vitamins and nutrients it needs. Another daily goal to hit is your water intake. To help with food digestion and skin elasticity, it would help if you aimed to drink at least 2L of water per day.

Regular exercise also aids in the loss of fat. This doesn’t need to be hitting the gym every day. A brisk walk for 30 minutes to an hour can be sufficient, but as long as it is consistent, it will help to eliminate any requirement for further treatments. Of course, this should be discussed with your doctor after any treatment, especially surgical treatments, as they may require a set amount of downtime to prevent the stitching from coming undone or rupturing any internal stitching.

Like to Speak With Our Team?

If you have tried all you can to remove those stubborn areas of fat causing you distress or insecurities, then you can enquire online about any of our fat loss treatments to help you achieve the goal you have always dreamed of.