Summer is on the horizon. Holidays are getting booked, weddings are coming up, and long days and nights spent sunbathing on sandy beaches and dipping into cooling pools are just around the corner. The warmer months are favoured by many, but for others, the summer fun can become shadowed by the stress of body image. More specifically, body hair. Whilst shaving, waxing, and hair removal creams are popular methods, they each come with their own set of drawbacks and do not allow those impulsive days on the beach without a rash, wax burns, or accidentally missing a spot. We believe that laser hair removal is the best option to avoid this problem and live carefree this summer.


Woman getting ready for her laser hair removal on the underarms


So, we’re providing you with everything you need to know about going through with laser hair removal and explaining the many benefits of this process compared to other hair removal methods.


What is Laser Hair Removal?

To begin with, if you’re unfamiliar with the idea of laser hair removal, let’s delve into what you should expect during your procedure.

This method of unwanted hair removal has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its success in hair removal and its management of excessive hair growth. It is the process of removing hair by exposing it to pulses of laser light that ultimately destroy the hair follicle. Whilst this may sound like a painful process, we have invested in innovative pain-free technology in the Soprano XL device, which helps to eliminate almost all hair types from desired areas.

This process removes the unwanted hair and destroys the follicle, stunting the hair growth from the treated area.


Laser hair removal on the back


Where Can I Get Laser Hair Removal on My Body?

Everyone has their personal insecurities, so we offer our laser hair removal in Jersey and other clinics on a wide range of areas of the body. This is a complete list of the areas we currently offer:


Forehead (hairline), upper lip, chin, half face, full face, neck, earlobes, eyebrows, nose, and sideburns.


Upper arms, underarms, lower arm, full arm, and hands.


Bikini line, Hollywood, Brazilian, nipples, breast, abdomen, buttocks, shoulder, half back, three-quarter back, full back, and chest.


Lower half leg, full leg, and feet.

Of course, you can combine your treatments and go through with two or more areas depending on your goals. Our laser hair removal in Guernsey and other clinics is customisable, so you can create a package that works for you.


The Benefits of Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is truly life-changing and can transform your self-esteem, confidence, and body image almost immediately. It’s favoured by many for some of the following reasons.

It is pain-free.

Many people opt for this treatment over other hair removal methods as it is entirely pain-free. Of course, you will feel a warm sensation like any other laser treatment, and those with a considerably low pain threshold may find it slightly uncomfortable. However, even in your most sensitive areas, it is pain-free.

It is a long-term solution.

If you’re tired of shaving every day or you constantly forget to book your waxing appointment until it’s too late, our laser hair removal in Belfast is the answer. Whilst the treatment will permanently reduce the number of body hairs, it doesn’t permanently remove all hair. Over your average of six treatments, we will work towards stunting the growth of your body hair, leaving you with no reason to shave or wax again.

It is precise.

Our Soprano Ice Laser Hair Removal and IPL devices are incredibly precise, so we can target the specific area you want to tackle and leave you with smooth, hairless skin where you want it.


Laser hair removal on the armpits


How to Prepare for Laser Hair Removal

Before undergoing laser hair removal, you will need a patch test to ensure that your skin has no adverse reaction to the method. No preparation is required for this initial stage, but in advance of your first full laser hair removal appointment, we advise that you prepare the desired area by shaving any excess growth.


Laser Hair Removal Aftercare

We recommend six to eight treatments at around four to six weeks apart to achieve the best results. You must protect your treated area during this time to ensure the best results. We would always recommend a suitable level of SPF that helps protect the skin from sun damage and acts as a barrier from UVA and UVB rays, which can be incredibly harmful.

We also recommend avoiding direct exposure to the sun as this can significantly increase your susceptibility to burning and less successful treatment.


When is the Best Time for Laser Hair Removal?

Because we recommend avoiding direct sunlight after your treatment, it’s advisable that you don’t have laser hair removal in summer. Get prepared ahead of the sun and start as soon as possible.

As we also recommend receiving six to eight treatments four to six weeks apart, it’s best to start as early as you can. If you’re considering our laser hair removal in Northern Ireland or any of our other clinics, please don’t hesitate to contact our team and book in for your consultation. Once you get the process started, you’ll wish you had started earlier.