Do you dream of that Kylie Jenner pout? Well, if your lips are a little on the thin side, worry not! There are plenty of tips and tricks you can try to hack your way to fuller, more luscious lips. With just a few makeup techniques and some help from a cosmetic clinic like ASC, you can thicken your lips in the most natural-looking way.

Here’s what you need to know about transforming your thin lips into a more rounded, fuller pout.

Woman's lips before and after fillers

Exfoliate Well

If you want to change the appearance of your lips, you need to take care of them before you start applying your makeup. Exfoliation is a crucial step and should be the first thing you try. Flaky, dry lips reflect less light, which can make them appear smaller than they are. Gently exfoliate with a scrub designed for the lips, applied with a toothbrush.

Brush in small, circular motions to help get the blood flowing in your lips, which will give them more natural volume and a healthy, rosy colour. Not only will your lips look naturally fuller, but you’ll remove all the dead skin cells.

A Good Lip Balm

Lip balm might not be as fun as a bright red colour on a night out, but it’s a crucial component for keeping your lips healthy throughout the day. The skin on our lips is delicate and needs to be kept hydrated. Apply your favourite lip balm regularly to soften the lips. Keeping your lips healthy will ensure they are primed and ready for lipstick application, which is one of the easiest ways to give them a fuller appearance.

Woman applying moisturising chapstick on lips

Lip Liner

A classic trick you can use to give the appearance of fuller lips is to utilise lip liner. Lip liner helps prevent lipstick from feathering, but it can also be used to help plump your lips. Use a colour that matches your lipstick, and overline your lips. Draw slightly over your natural lip line, doing it gradually and building up to make sure it doesn’t look too unnatural.

You can try using concealer over your lips first, then tracing the liner over your natural lip line before filling it in with your chosen lipstick. It might take a bit of practice to get right, but makeup artists use this trick to give their clients the appearance of fuller lips.

The Right Shade

Everyone has a colour preference when it comes to lipstick, but by picking certain shades for your skin tone, you can boost their natural appearance and make them seem fuller. Peachy pinks and warm nudes are a flattering choice for fairer skin tones, whereas deeper plum tones and browns suit those with darker complexions. For a natural-looking colour, only go one of two shades darker than your natural lip colour.

Close up detail of young woman applying lipstick.


Contour isn’t just for the face; you can actually use the technique on your lips to give them a fuller look. After applying your lip products, take a contour powder and run it under your bottom lip with a brush. By adding a contour shade under the bottom lip, you blur the line of where your lips end. It casts a slight shadow beneath the lips and gives them a natural pout that makes them appear fuller. If you need guidance, there are plenty of videos online detailing how you can use lip products to boost the appearance of your lips and reduce their thin appearance.

Lip Fillers

If you don’t have time to apply makeup daily or want a more lasting solution for your thin lips, you should consider lip fillers. Lip fillers are a non-surgical way to get fuller, more sensuous lips that look wonderfully natural, in line with the recipient’s facial proportions.

At ACS, our lip fillers are hyaluronic acid based, which work to hydrate and revitalise the lip area, rather than simply bulking them out in an unnatural way. We want to ensure you get the very best results from your procedure, which is why you can book a consultation with one of our expert practitioners who will assess your suitability and discuss your desired results with you. They will then choose the right lip filler from our wide range of options, making sure you get fillers that will produce the more natural-looking results.

Syringe near woman's mouth, injections for increase lips shape

Our treatment will reshape your lips and add subtle volume where needed, giving you a natural, soft look. We can even create a more augmented cupid’s bow if you like. With our lip fillers, you will see an instant effect that can last up to six months or longer, and as they are not permanent, they can be altered and amended over time to suit your preferences. If you would like to learn more about our lip fillers in Jersey, Guernsey or Belfast, do not hesitate to contact us and speak to one of our experts.