Our health and well-being have never been so important, especially over the last year or so. As restrictions ease and life gets back to normal, it’s crucial to look after your health. And we don’t just mean physically – it’s essential that you also look after your mental health.

This could take many forms, from re-joining the gym to spending time with friends and family or just easing yourself back into social situations after so many months spent at home. Self-care has never been as valuable as it is in 2021.

If you feel down about yourself because you have gained weight over lockdown, or your skin health is not at its best – don’t beat yourself up. The last year has been hard on everyone, and it’s not surprising that people aren’t looking – or feeling – their best.

The Downside of Social Media

Whilst social media has been a lifesaver for many people over the last year or so, allowing families and friends to keep in touch throughout restrictions and lockdowns, it doesn’t come without its setbacks. The uglier side of social media has meant people can become obsessed with achieving the “perfect image” – with platforms such as Instagram displaying image after image of women with perfect bodies, hair, and skin.

With research showing a connection between how our perception of our appearance can affect how we feel mentally. Looking good can help us feel good, and the right cosmetic treatments have been proven to provide some psychological benefits.

Here’s what you should know about these benefits.


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Improved Confidence and Self Esteem

For many patients that opt for cosmetic treatments, whether to reduce their wrinkles or boost their skin’s hydration and volume, looking for an increase in confidence is often a contributing factor. Often, there is an imbalance in people’s self-esteem and confidence, which can be directly linked to their physical appearance.

Constantly focusing on one area of your body, such as your skin, is no doubt going to build up some anxiety. And even though most of the time nobody else will notice, or even care, we understand that it’s important to you. In cases like this, when you’re certain that changing that area of your body will help, the right kind of treatment can drastically boost your self-esteem by giving you clearer skin, reducing acne and tackling fine lines and wrinkles.

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Increase in Overall Happiness

Studies have shown that our self-perception of attractiveness relates strongly to our overall feelings of happiness. One study of women with facial skin diseases found that the use of skin cosmetics significantly improved the quality of life in patients with acne. In that same study, over 75% of patients reported feeling more comfortable with their bodies after treatment, with emotional well-being rated more highly after treatment.

When you undergo successful cosmetic treatments, you can feel better about your outward appearance, which can drastically impact how you feel inside. You could expect an overall increase in your happiness levels thanks to your renewed confidence and boosted self-esteem.

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Doing What is Right for You

It is, however, important to remember that a cosmetic procedure is a big step. We would never recommend treatments unless you were completely comfortable with your decision. Although they can help massively with improving self-confidence, they can’t instantly fix deep rooted issues surrounding body image. Cosmetic treatments should never be used to replace other vital self-care treatments such as therapy or medications.

No cosmetic procedures should be taken lightly. Whenever you undergo treatments, you should ensure you have talked it over with a professional to find out if you are a suitable candidate for certain treatments. If you feel that you could benefit from some kind of treatment, whether it be anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, fat freezing, lip fillers, or a non-surgical facelift, ASC can help. You can book a consultation with us and one of our trained professionals will talk with you about your goals and offer recommendations for treatments that they believe you would most benefit from.

If you would like to learn more about any of our treatments or book a consultation, you can contact our cosmetic skin clinic in Belfast, Guernsey, or Jersey today to find out more.