Body contouring is a non-invasive treatment that targets fat reduction. The Lipocal Body Contouring HIFU system combines advanced contact cooling technology to make it possible to have higher energy delivery to treatment areas in a tolerable and effective way.

The treatment breaks down the fat cells with heat energy, and the cooling regulates the handpiece for comfortable contact and reduced pain in the epidermal and nerve area. The result of the treatment is a tightening of the skin in problem areas with fatty deposits. If you have stubborn fat pockets you cannot shift, body contouring could be the perfect treatment for you.

But how do you know if you’re a good candidate for body contouring? Here’s what you need to know about who this treatment is designed for and what you can expect.

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Non-Surgical Body Contouring

For some people, they want the incredible results of cosmetic treatments without going under the knife. Body contouring is an effective way to get amazing results without surgery. If you want to know whether you are a good candidate for body contouring, consider if any of the following sound like you:

You Have Excess Skin

Losing excess weight or being pregnant can leave you with stubborn pockets of fat or sagging skin. It can be frustrating to work hard at your weight loss only for saggy skin to ruin your confidence. Fortunately, body contouring can help address this issue by tightening the skin to improve the appearance of loose skin to give you smoother contours.

You are Close to Your Ideal Weight

It is important to note that body contouring is not a weight-loss treatment. If you are not happy with your current weight, more traditional weight loss methods are recommended. Body contouring is suited for those close to their ideal weight but are just looking for that last little boost to tackle the stubborn fat pockets that will not shift with exercise or diet.

So, if you feel you are at a good weight but want help sculpting your skin to appear smoother and reduce areas of fatty deposits, body contouring could be right for you.

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You Want Better Definition

Perhaps you are happy with your weight and the way your body looks, but you lack the muscle definition you would like. With body contouring, you can tighten up your skin to give your body the definition you crave, all without having to go under the knife.

You Understand Your Goals

Body contouring can really help transform your body and give you fantastic results, but you should be positive and realistic about your goals. Before undergoing any treatment, you should have a discussion with a licensed professional to determine whether body contouring is right for what you’re trying to achieve or if there are different treatments better suited to your goals.

What Can You Expect from Body Contouring?

Body contouring is a non-invasive treatment that can be performed in just 30-minute sessions to give you incredible results. It is designed for diet-resistant areas of the body like the tummy, flanks, underarms, knees, and back thighs. Aside from reducing fatty deposits, the HIFU energy also causes skin tightening, so you get a smooth post-procedure result.

The treatment works by using ultrasound energy to break down the body’s fat cells, which are then naturally processed. The localised fat area is carefully identified, and the handpiece used systematically over this area. You will feel a heat sensation and a slight muscle ache during treatment, followed by pink skin, but otherwise, there is no downtime following the treatment, and you can resume your normal activities immediately.

If you have problem areas on your body that you want help tackling in a quick, efficient and entirely safe way, then body contouring could be the perfect treatment for you.

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Body Contouring Without Surgery

At ASC, we can offer you a range of non-surgical treatments for fat removal. Our HIFU body contouring treatment is just one of the cosmetic treatments we have available to tackle those stubborn fat deposits. Our team of cosmetic doctors and aesthetic nurses are on hand to help advise on the best possible treatments for you. So whether you are considering fat freezing, fat removal, liposuction or our revolutionary body contouring HIFU system, we have treatments available that can give you the results you desire.

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