With the sun starting to come back out of hiding, many of us will be considering the most effective ways of getting rid of unwanted hair.

In this article, we will look at laser hair removal in more detail. What it does, who it is for and what results can be expected.

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Living in a Modern World

Laser hair removal is a highly technologically advanced method for removing unwanted hair growth. In the busy modern world, free time often feels like it comes at a premium. The time you spend preparing yourself for the day ahead could be used to cook yourself a healthier breakfast, reply to emails, or spent with loved ones.

Many individuals are looking to revolutionise the time that they spend making themselves beautiful, and laser hair removal is a simple, non-invasive treatment that can shave hours of pampering off your working week.

What Is Laser Hair Removal?

We offer laser hair removal in Belfast, laser hair removal in Guernsey, and laser hair removal in Jersey with great success. At these clinics, we use a technique known as the Soprano which is recommended for both comfort and effectiveness. It works by targeting the melanin pigment in your hairs with heat, which causes damage to the structure of the hairs. As a result, the hair falls out over a period of two to three weeks.

It can take up to ten appointments for the individual to be satisfied with their level of hair, and these appointments take place once every six weeks. This means that if you are hoping to achieve the perfect summer body for the next year, you should start your treatments in the winter months.

Time Efficiency of Laser Hair Removal

After you’ve had laser hair removal, it is very unlikely that those hairs will grow back. This is because professionally managed laser hair removal techniques attack the hair at the root, which dampens its ability to grow back.

This means that after a few laser hair appointments, you should never have to spend time shaving again.

There are a couple of exceptions to this rule, however, that you might want to be aware of. For example, it is common for individuals to undergo a maintenance treatment one year following their last laser hair removal appointment. This will catch any rogue, stubborn hairs.

Another exception is that hormonal changes may affect your body’s hair production. Women having their first baby, for example, may find themselves growing some extra hair even if they’ve had laser hair removal treatments in the past. On the other hand, this is easily solved with a catch-up appointment post-pregnancy.

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Excess Hair Growth

While hair removal treatments are a luxury enjoyed by many in the pursuit of beauty, some will benefit more than others. At Aesthetic Skin Clinic, we recognise the importance of identity and the individual’s desire to present the image that they find most beautiful. We also recognise that unique bodies present unique challenges to individuals’ aims to achieve their identity goals.

If you suffer from excess hair growth, we want you to know that we are there to help you to achieve your beauty standards. Hirsutism affects women worldwide and can be controlled with a variety of fixes, including hormone control and hair removal.

We support your desire to take greater control over your body image.


While laser hair removal is a safe treatment for most women, it is not recommended for pregnant women and certain skin types. If you are interested, then you should get in touch with us to learn about your body and how well you can expect it to respond.


If you’re uncertain about the efficiency of our cosmetic procedures, then we recommend that you try our treatment over a small area first. Underarm hair is a common nuisance, collecting sweat and causing itchiness, but can easily be solved by a few appointments with us. See the results for yourself, and you might find that you aspire to further hair removal treatments in more areas.

If you want to read more about the process, check out our spotlight on hair removal. Alternatively, if you’re searching for beauty cheats and tricks for next year’s summer, we recommend our blog on Treatments to Get You Ready for Summer.