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While it’s true that you should adapt your skincare routine depending on the season of the year, you don’t have to completely overhaul it.

In fact, you don’t have to spend loads of money on new products just because it’s summer soon – you can pretty much have a good skincare routine for this season just by knowing a few basics.

Why Tweak Your Skincare Routine for Summer?

The summer season brings with it a lot of sun and warmth, perfect to spend some time on the beach, to go on long walks or to even just sunbathe in the garden. However, it’s also important to remember that summer equals too much heat and humidity as well, which can take a toll on your complexion. Factor in pollution as well, and you have a recipe for dull skin.

But it’s not a good idea to layer product upon product on your skin to get that radiant glow back. Instead, focus on just a few good products and creams – as well as good, simple practices – that will get you the results you’re after.

Sunscreen is King

You’ve probably already heard a thousand times before that you shouldn’t leave the house without sunscreen during summer, but it’s worth repeating. This is because sunscreen is a key element when you go out all year round, but especially during summer when UV levels are higher.

You should increase the SPF level of your sunscreen as well, and make sure to reapply several times a day to make sure you’re protected no matter what. It may feel like a hassle to do this, but your skin will thank you for it!

The damages caused by the sun are not just aesthetic issues like premature wrinkles and uneven skin tone; you’re also at risk of getting severe sunburn and skin cancer. This type of damage tends to accumulate over the years as well.

Stay in the shade as much as possible as well, to avoid being exposed to direct sunlight.

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Exfoliate Your Skin

A basic rule of skincare is to exfoliate regularly – around 2 to 3 times a week. This will remove dead skin cells that pile up on your skin. If you don’t, your complexion will look dry and dull, and nothing you use will give you glowing skin.

This is the because our skin sheds cells at a rapid rate every single day, so make it a habit to get rid of them during the week. After you do so, then you can apply your moisturiser or lotion. Keep in mind that you should use a heavy moisturiser in summer (as the higher levels of humidity can cause your skin to become oily), so a combination sunscreen and moisturiser may be your best option.

Don’t Stop Moisturising Completely

During winter, it’s good to keep replenishing the moisture we lose when the weather is windy or dry. However, in summer, your skin will likely be – and feel – oilier than normal, as we mentioned, so you don’t want to cake on a heavy moisturiser on top of it. If you do, you might find yourself more prone to breakouts.

But your skin still needs to be moisturised, so stick to a lightweight cream that won’t feel heavy on your face. Hydration is important no matter the season of the year, so don’t skip this essential step in your routine.

Avoid Wearing a Lot of Makeup

The heat of summer can be unforgivable for your skin if you’re wearing tons of makeup. Not only is it easier for the products you’re using to run down your face due to sweat, but it’s also easier to get sunburned. So, keep to only a few products and include foundation or powder with SPF, in order to prevent uneven skin after going out in the sun.

If you wear a lot of makeup, it can clog your pores too, which means you’ll end up with breakouts that you’ll want to cover with more products – this vicious cycle can remove your complexion’s healthy, radiant glow.

You should also apply a lip balm with SPF protection, as this is a very delicate area of your face. The same goes for the area underneath your eyes. So, instead of eye makeup, make sure you’re using an eye cream with SPF, so you can prevent this area from getting damaged and ageing prematurely.

Hydrate Constantly

Drinking lots of water should be part of your daily routine all year round, but you definitely don’t want to skip on it if it’s summer. We lose more water when the weather is hot, so you’ll have to replenish it constantly. Dehydration will lead to poor physical health, not to mention to dry, dull skin.

Water will also help you to flush out a lot of toxins that can harm your body, which will make you feel better as well.

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Cut Down the Baths

While a lovely way to relax after a busy day, frequent baths can dry out your skin, especially when you take into account that most people are already showering more often because they sweat more. Also, keep your showers short and avoid hot water, since this can make your skin dry and itchy and even inflamed.

While you don’t have to completely change your skincare routine, you should definitely adapt it to the warmer season of the month if you want to retain a radiant complexion.

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Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you want to learn more about how we can help – in the meantime, make sure that you’re following our simple, basic tips for healthy skin during summer.