When people think of cosmetic treatments, they may assume that they’re only popular with women. However, nowadays, this is no longer the case. The number of men opting for cosmetic treatments is on the rise, as men seem to be caring more and more about their appearance.

A report from the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) claims that, whilst men only make up 9% of the total number of cosmetic operations in the UK, the number of men undergoing cosmetic work has nearly doubled since 2005. A BBC survey suggests that nearly 50% of men between the ages of 18 and 30 “might consider” having a procedure in the future. In this article, we will take a look at the reasons why more men might be opting for cosmetic treatments and some of the most popular procedures for this demographic.

Why Are More Men Opting for Cosmetic Treatments?

As with the increasing number of women choosing to alter their appearance with cosmetic treatments, the cause is being put on the shoulders of the ITV2 reality show, Love Island. More recent series have seen the male contestants discuss gym bods and body hair, and it’s clear that the men on the island are dealing with the same kinds of body issues the women are.

Whilst no male contestant has been given the “before and after” photo treatment online in the same way some of the female contestants have, it wouldn’t be surprising to learn that many of the male contestants have most likely undergone cosmetic treatments. 2018’s contestant, Niall Aslam, opened up about having his ears pinned back and admitted that he had received more female attention after having the procedure done. It’s clear that everyone, men and women, feels the pressure to look “photo-ready” 24/7.

Additionally, the landscape around men and personal grooming has shifted rapidly over the last couple of decades. Whilst ten years ago, a man may have felt embarrassed by the idea that he wanted anti-wrinkle injections for fear of seeming vain, today, society is more liberal in attitudes towards men wanting to take care of their appearance.

Popular Cosmetic Treatments for Men

In recent years, there has been a significant increase in the number of men seeking cosmetic improvements to refine and refresh their appearance. Let’s now take a closer look at some of the most popular ones.

Hair Transplants

Hair loss is a common condition that affects both men and women but is often a source of severe body image issues for men. It is quite common for men to either go entirely bald or for the hair to go noticeably thin as they age. In fact, 70% of men experience male pattern baldness at some point in their life, and 25% of men start going bald by the time they reach 20.

Hair restoration procedures are incredibly beneficial for those feeling embarrassed or distressed by receding hairlines, baldness, and thinning. At Aesthetic Skin Clinic, we use the DHI technique, which doesn’t involve a scalpel and is virtually pain-free. Once the hair transplant procedure is complete, new hair continues to grow for life and looks incredibly natural.

After exploring hair transplant options, another innovative treatment catching the eye is PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) therapy. PRP stands out because it taps into the body’s own healing abilities to rejuvenate and strengthen hair follicles. It’s a simple yet effective method: your own blood is processed to concentrate the platelets that are then injected into the scalp. These platelets are rich in growth factors, encouraging hair follicles to thrive. This treatment promises to fortify hair density without surgery or downtime, complementing hair transplant outcomes or offering a standalone option for early hair loss stages. Expected results can materialise within 3-6 months, making it a promising path for men aiming to reclaim their hair’s vitality.

Hair Removal

Another great trend is Soprano Titanium Laser Hair Removal, which recently became popular. We have noticed an increased number of men choosing this treatment at our clinic in Jersey. Recognised for its advanced technology, this treatment promises comfort and efficiency unlike any other. By targeting hair follicles with precision through three powerful wavelengths of light, it makes sure that unwanted hair bids farewell, leaving skin smooth and hair-free. The process is not only quick but delivers long-lasting results, making it a perfect fit for the modern man on the go.

Brotox: Anti-Wrinkle Injections for Men

Brotox is a growing trend in the world of male cosmetic treatments as more men are now choosing anti-wrinkle injections. These treatments smooth out ageing signs like deep lines on the face. They’re used to treat areas such as crow’s feet, brow lines, forehead lines or excess lines around the jawline. According to BAAPS, men are moving away from more radical procedures in favour of minor “tweakments”, trying to enhance what they already have, and anti-wrinkle injections are one way this is being achieved.

Brow Lift

brow lift is a procedure for rejuvenation of the forehead and eyebrows. This quick, simple procedure raises the brow to reduce the appearance of heaviness and tiredness. Repositioning the brow and forehead gives an open appearance and fresh look to the upper third of the face, as dropping brows often contribute to facial sagging and skin laxity, dramatically ageing the eye area.

According to BAAPS, the number of these kinds of procedures in men went up by 310% in 2022 compared to 2021.


Rhinoplasty refers to nose reshaping, also known as a “nose job”. The procedure involves enhancing and improving the appearance of larger or misshapen noses by amending the shape of the tip and bridge of the nose. It can also lessen the appearance of nostrils, make the nose more uniform with facial proportions and correct damage caused by injury. The statistics from BAAPS claimed that the number of men having rhinoplasty rose by 45% in 2022.


Blepharoplasty, or eyelid surgery, is a quick surgical procedure designed to reduce eyelid dropping, remove eye bags, tighten any creases and folds in the upper or lower eyelids and lift the skin surrounding the eyes. Some of the earliest signs of ageing on the face are in the appearance of the eyes, and blepharoplasty is a popular treatment to give the area a more youthful appearance.

This procedure has proved to be particularly popular with men, with BAAPS releasing data for 2022 that showed the number of men opting for this procedure had risen 105%.


InShape is revolutionising men’s fitness and body sculpting without stepping into the gym. This powerful EMS (Electro Magnetic Stimulation) technology works wonders by making your muscles contract, similar to doing thousands of squats or sit-ups in just 30 minutes. But the best part? It’s all pain-free and without any downtime. In Guernsey and Jersey, men are turning to InShape to boost muscle mass, reduce fat, and get that defined look quickly. It’s the perfect fit for any man wanting results without hassle, and it’s ideal for today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

Jawline Treatments

Jowls are the sagging skin around the lower jawline, which is a common concern among men as they age. This happens when the skin elasticity and natural fat pads in the face decrease, causing a less defined, aged appearance. Those men who want a sharper, more youthful jawline look for special treatments. Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Injections for Muscle Relaxation: Targeted injections effectively relax the muscles around the neck and chin. This approach prevents sagging and smooths the jawline for a more youthful and structured appearance. Treatments last around four months initially, with longer-lasting effects developing over time.
  • Dermal Fillers for Volume: They are used to prevent volume loss and facial sagging, especially in the mid-face area. This helps to reposition the skin and improve facial structure, which creates an overall refreshed look.
  • Advanced Technology for Fat Removal: At ASC, we recommend a combination of Thermage Targeted Radiofrequency and Ultracel Focused Ultrasound for those needing fat removal around the jowls. This approach not only removes excess fat but stimulates collagen production, resulting in significant skin tightening. We also recommend a fat freezing treatment – cristal cryolipolysis.


Advanced Anti-Ageing Treatments

Among the trending cosmetic treatments for men, there are a few that have become especially popular. This innovative technique does not require surgery. Here are these three popular options:

  • 8 Point Facelift: This treatment uses fillers to improve and lift eight areas of your face. It boosts your look without the need for surgery. It’s quick and gives your face a natural, youthful shape.
  • HydraFacial: A favourite for deep cleaning and refreshing your skin. It removes dirt, uses special serums to treat your skin, and leaves you glowing. It’s good for all skin types and shows results fast. At ASC, we offer a bespoke male Hydrafacial, which uses a different tip designed for men’s skin.
  • Ultracel Hifu: This one combines ultrasound and radio waves to tighten your skin. It works deep below the surface to lift and firm the face without cuts or recovery time. You’ll see your skin improve over time.
  • Thermage FLX: A solution that uses non-invasive radiofrequency to tighten and smooth your skin. It feels comfortable and works fast, making your skin look firmer and younger without downtime. Results improve over time.

However, this is just the tip of the iceberg. You may enjoy our related article about anti-ageing treatments, if you would like to learn more.

Skincare for Men: Simplified Routines from SkinTok to You

Even though it’s not a cosmetic treatment, skincare truly affects how your skin looks. It’s a smart move to get more involved in the world of aesthetics and put some tips into practice. Nowadays, places like SkinTok are hot spots for skincare strategies. So, let’s break down what’s trending for men’s skincare.

Natural vs. Product-Heavy Routines

On SkinTok, you will find two camps. One is all about natural solutions such as honey masks or aloe vera scrubs. The other one will tell you to stack your shelves with different skincare products. But what is the best approach? Our answer: your skin is unique. That’s why, at ASC, we always recommend a skin analysis first, as this helps you choose a routine that is adjusted to your needs.

At Aesthetic Skin Clinic, we offer a broad and sophisticated range of aesthetic procedures, both surgical and non-surgical, employing the best in scientifically backed devices and therapies. Patient safety and comfort are of the utmost importance to us.

If you’re looking for a cosmetic clinic in Guernsey or a cosmetic clinic in Jersey, contact Aesthetic Skin Clinic today, and one of our team would be more than happy to advise you.