Going on your travels this year? Planning a summer getaway? There is no better time than now to begin the preparation of getting that enviable bikini body that you have been dreaming about. With January over and New Year’s resolutions being a focus of our day to day routines, many of us have a mission to get our bodies in tip-top shape after months of indulging.

So, with the road to your perfect bikini body starting right now, how can you kickstart your quest in the right way?

Tone Up

Got that bikini that you’ve always loved, but just don’t feel confident enough to wear? You can start to tone up now with a workout routine, focusing on your shoulders, arms, abs and of course, your bottom.  There are plenty of ways you can quickly get to toning your body ready for the beach; no matter whether you are jetting off in 3 weeks or 3 months.

To burn more fat and build muscle you will have to throw your body a curveball. Think HIT and high-intensity cardio, alongside plenty of weights and of course working that stomach with sit-ups and crunches!

Try checking out these easy series of exercises which can burn up to 500 calories an hour. They alternate between 2 workouts and you only need to do it 3 times a week!


Eat Smart

It’s not enough to just begin hitting the gym; you need your diet to be synchronised alongside it. The foods you eat can help you get maximum impact from your toning up. Opt for protein-rich foods and meals which are high in iron, selenium and zinc, as these help to boost your metabolism.

Things like green tea, salmon and eggs can help you burn fat, and don’t forget that switching your simple carbs for complex carbs will help you to keep your body fuelled during workouts, as well as maintaining stable sugar levels.

Check out this diet which can help you on your way.


Quick Fixes

Losing weight can be easier said than done, and if you are struggling after having spent plenty of time and energy on it, you are probably feeling disconcerted right now. Don’t feel bad about it; there’s no actual science to weight loss, and there’s different answers and solutions for everyone.

Localised areas of stubborn fat which no matter what, won’t budge are more common than you may think, especially in the stomach area, thighs and the buttocks.

There are plenty of non-invasive solutions such as Cristal Crylipolysis, or a new ‘fat freezing’ technology. They don’t just a remove stubborn fat, but they also create definition and tighten the skin. Liposuction can also be a solution for some people. These revolutionary procedures have seen all kinds of amazing results for woman everywhere!

Cellulite and Scarring

While losing weight is all fair and well, this might not be the focus of your ideal bikini body. You may be at your ideal weight and your frame is just as you would like! Is it cellulite or scarring which is bothering you?

While there are creams out there that can help to reduce the visibility of stretch marks, cellulite and scars, this cant always show results, and when it does, it takes a long time.

There are plenty of easy procedures which you can go through to reduce the appearance of your unwanted skin conditions such as Vaser Liposelection or Ultracel Hifu.

Our previous article may help; it tells you everything you need to know about cellulite!

Everything from hair removal to removing your unwanted tattoos and even reducing your cellulite; we can help with. The team of professionals at Aesthetic Skin Clinic want to make sure you feel empowered and confident as a woman, which is why we provide non-invasive and results driven procedures and treatments to ensure this!

If you aren’t sure where to start with your bikini body ritual, get in touch with our team who would be more than happy to advise you on the best treatments to help you on your way.

Say bye-bye to a beach cover-up and say hello to smooth, beautiful, beach-ready skin!