At the Aesthetic Skin Clinic, we are able to enjoy meeting individuals who each have their own story. We love to help these individuals transform the way they look and see them grow in confidence as we join them on the journey from consultation to results. If you are considering the many treatments and procedures we offer, it can be helpful to hear from the people who have already experienced them.

We consider our patients to be super women, as they have often had to face great challenges before they visit us, whether it is living with adult acne or dealing with low self-esteem. These are the stories of our super women.

Askin Testimonial - Intracel

This client refers to Intracel Radiofrequency Microneedling, a treatment which is designed to give tighter skin and a more youthful-looking face. This method uses insulated microneedles which penetrate the skin at just 0.3mm and emit energy into the dermis, tightening and shortening collagen fibres at the same time as encouraging collagen production and the stimulation of fibroblasts.

Askin Testimonial - Thermage

The Thermage CPT Facial treatment is designed to rejuvenate the face by boosting collagen growth. This patient speaks of the amazing results that were noticeable even four years after the initial treatment. The treatment itself works by delivering a controlled amount of radiofrequency energy which then stimulates collagen production, tightening and gently shrinking the skin, a process which smooths out wrinkles.

Askin Testimonial - Acne

For those who suffer from acne, you know how frustrating and distressing it can be. Thankfully for patients such as the one who offered this testimonial, we offer a range of acne treatments that can help to even out skin tone, reduce marks and redness and rejuvenate the face and complexion. This is exactly what this patient received, and what they have to say about the results is fantastic.

Askin Testimonial - Botox

This client speaks of their ability to look in the mirror with confidence, and that is something that we hope all of our patients are able to achieve when they choose to come to us for Botox treatments. Despite being a particularly quick and simple procedure, typically only taking between 15 and 30 minutes, the results are incredible. This treatment helps to smooth facial lines, furrows and wrinkles, so it can give you a fresher, more youthful appearance.

Askin Testimonial - Fillers

Just as our client states, a subtle detail can truly transform the face. Dermal fillers work by injecting a clear gel that mimics the one produced by the body, adding volume and smoothing wrinkles and folds when injected beneath the skin’s surface. The treatment gives a natural looking result which helps your skin to look fresh, smooth and youthful.

Askin Testimonial - Confidence

We are so pleased to see how happy our patients are with the results of their treatments. If you are thinking of undergoing one of our procedures, we would invite you to speak to a member of our expert team who will be able to advise you and further discuss the treatment with you. You can contact us at our Cosmetic skin clinic in Guernsey, Jersey or Belfast by phone, or simply fill out our online contact form and we will be in touch.

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