It can be an awkward situation if you’re left with the mark of an ex’s name or the memory of that wild holiday when you were 18. It’s a good job that with a huge advancement in technology and skin treatments, you can now erase that tattoo mistake.

There are many reasons why people get a tattoo removed.; from the ‘beginner’ tattoo artist catastrophe, or maybe that obvious tattoo isn’t appropriate for a new career change. We have counted down some of the top reasons, so maybe you can avoid a disaster and keep your skin in tip-top- tat-free condition.

Artist in the Making?

Whether you went to that amateur tattoo artist, or a friend of a friend who just so happens to have the equipment; if its badly executed, then this is a great reason to get rid. Because no one wants to have a wonky love heart or a DIY portrait on their skin, forever right?

Career Change

Being a doctor and having a large tribal facial tattoo, isn’t going to do you any justice professionally. When you were young, wild, free and working part time at festivals, your body art might have been cool and quirky, but if you’re immersing into the adult working lifestyle, seeking tattoo removal might be the way forward. Other jobs, such as joining the military don’t even allow for certain tattoos.

Blame it on the Alcohol

One of the most common reasons that people may go through laser removal is due to being intoxicated. Sadly, this is the truth, and as much as it may seem like a great idea after 4 Pina Coladas, it probably won’t feel as great in the morning.

Parental Values

When you become a parent, your whole world is flipped on its head, and it can change your perception on life. Many people get rid of their tats when they have another life to take care of. Whether your artistic reference could be taken as offensive, or your soon to be teenage daughter is embarrassed of your ink; this is most probably one of the biggest reasons people go under the laser.


Your teenage sweetheart is maybe not the person you married, and you still have their name inked on your body. This can be an off-putting situation for your partner and yourself. That faded heart on your bicep is probably enough reason for removal. And if your partner tells you it must go, you almost certainly have no choice.

No Longer ‘Cool’

Trends come and go, and the same could be said for tattoos. An infinity symbol might have been all the range in early 2000’s whereas a black and white themed sleeve could be what everyone’s doing now. This could be a lesson to learn in following trends, and if you are going to get some ink, do it for yourself and not for the trends.


Faded and Old

When you first get your tattoo, it’s a fresh and sparkly wonder. But maybe 30 years down the line, the colours have faded and it’s not in the high-quality condition it was at the beginning, this could be the time to get it removed. An old and faded tattoo isn’t the most visually appealing thing and could get plenty of comments from the grandkids when your ink is on show in later life.

A UK study has found that 1 in 3 people regret a tattoo in one way or another, but most of these were aged in young adulthood, between 18-25. Don’t forget that going under the laser to get rid of your tattoo can cost double what it originally cost you; so, in the future maybe doublethink before you ink!

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