Recognising outstanding contributions to Aesthetic Medicine, the Schuco International Award for Special Achievement distinguishes a career of someone who provides a significant contribution to the profession and industry. Our very own Dr John Curran won the award presented on 3rd December at the Aesthetic Awards 2016.


Extensive Career

This international lifetime achievement award is a great honour, and we couldn’t be more proud of Dr John Curran’s win. He’s been diligently working in medical aesthetics for the past 20 years, distinguishing himself as both an entrepreneur and a pioneer in the field. Focusing on excellence and high-quality of service; Dr John Curran has been leading in innovative technologies and treatments that ensure patients have the best possible care.

Featured in Tatler as one of 30 most sought after cosmetic doctors, Dr John Curran began his career in his native Northern Ireland as a GP. Through his extensive knowledge of the aesthetic medicine field and his obvious passion for helping people look and feel good, Dr John Curran has established himself as a leading expert. Owning an extremely successful chain of aesthetics clinics, he has also helped to establish a leading pharmacy distributor in the UK and to found a highly skilled training academy.

Excellence and Professionalism

His passion for the medical field has translated across both patients and colleagues, ensuring younger generations of students have first-class teaching. Dr Jon Curran was a founding member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine, or BCAM, in which he was both President and Chair of the Ethics committee. Dr John Curran is considered to be a leader in formalised training and standards in aesthetic medicine, and the General Medical Council, or GMC, often calls upon him as expert witness regarding good medical practice.

He has been supporting high-quality and expert suppliers in the aesthetic medicine field, guaranteeing their high standards and commitment to ethics, so that every patient has the dedicated treatment and care he is known for.

Dr John Curran also has extensive knowledge of the legal and commercial field of private practice, and has been working resolutely on VAT regulation with suppliers and clinics. His hard work and commitment to excellence, high quality of service and practices, and care to both patients and colleagues truly distinguish him as a fantastic ambassador for the aesthetic medicine industry.

Leading by example, Dr John Curran always ensures that all medical professionals in his clinics are dedicated to the highest standards possible, assuring patients of the most professional and trustworthy service.

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