It’s that time of the year again when we all start thinking about making changes. A new year is the perfect opportunity to kick some of those not so great habits, as well as the perfect time to make some healthy and happy changes to your life.

Here are some of our ideas for fabulous beauty resolutions that will lead to a more beautiful 2016.

Always Take Your Makeup Off

Taking our makeup off every evening is something that we all know should be done but sometimes gets ignored or forgotten about. Cleansing the face is essential for anyone who wants a clear complexion – which means taking the time to remove all makeup every single evening. Instead of waiting until you get in bed at night, you should aim to do it as soon as you get home.

Drink More Water

Ahhhh water. We know it’s good for us but it just doesn’t taste as good as fizzy drinks do! If only it was as satisfying as drinking lots of coca-cola! Unfortunately, your body needs hydrating all year round – and water is the best way to do this. It’s also really good for your skin – and who doesn’t want to glow? Aim to drink water regularly though the day – keep some on your desk at work.

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Get More Sleep

Sleep is essential for keeping your skin looking healthy and fresh. Lack of sleep can take its toll on the skin – dark circles under the eyes are common for those who have not been sleeping enough. Chronic sleep loss can also lead to a number of other problems, such as dull skin and fine lines. This is because your body releases more of the stress hormone cortisol when you don’t get enough sleep. If this happens too much, the hormone can actually break down skin collagen – the protein that helps keep your skin nice and smooth.

Make Some Changes

A lot of women are uncomfortable in their own skin due to an aspect of their appearance that they are unhappy with, yet they don’t seek out a solution. If you want to make 2016 your year, we suggest finally making the changes that are going to make you a lot happier. Whether it’s seeking out a consultation for the breast augmentation surgery that you’ve been wanting for years, or it’s booking yourself in for lip treatments – any change can make a huge difference.

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For those who have been feeling unhappy with their appearance for quite a while, 2016 could be the year that you finally make the changes you’ve been thinking about.

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