Botox is a treatment used to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It works by paralysing the muscles in the face, which causes them to relax. This in turn means that wrinkles appear smoother and less visible, as the muscles around them are prevented from moving. There are many benefits to botox, some of which may surprise you, so today we’re going to take a look at some of these.


The most obvious benefit of botox is a cosmetic one. It works to reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and it is a product that really works. There may be skin creams and lotions that help to reduce wrinkles, but they take time to start seeing the effects. Botox can give almost immediate results, which is surely what we’re all after.


There is a huge list of medical ailments that can be improved through the use of botox:

Migraines – It’s not exactly known why botox improves migraines, but experts think that the treatment blocks the sensory nerves from sending pain messages to the brain. Sufferers have reported a drop in the number of headaches by at least half, and a reduction in the severity of the headaches they still suffer from. It is also a great alternative to strong pain killers that often have a string of side-effects.

Eye Problems – Botox has also been used to correct crossed eyes, blurred vision and eyelid spasms by relaxing the muscles around the eyes, allowing them to work together.

Bladder Weakness – Injecting botox into the bladder can help solve incontinence by increasing the volume of the bladder itself.

Hyperhidrosis – This is a condition that causes excessive sweating but can be treated with botox, preventing any more embarrassing social situations.

Joint Pain – It is not clear yet the extent to which botox can be helpful in instances of joint pain, but studies show that it has promise as an effective pain relief for joint pain and arthritis.

Painful Sex – Some women experience pain during sex as a result of connective tissue and pelvic floor irregularities, but botox can be used to alleviate this pain when injected into the perineal area.

Allergies – Another weird and wonderful use of botox that is currently under trial is to fight allergies. A botox gel would be injected into the nasal cavity, blocking nerve endings and reducing inflammation.

Scars – Botox has been used to reduce unsightly scars that can often be a source of distress for those living with them.


The mental benefits of botox are clear. Whether a person seeks treatment for medical or cosmetic reasons, botox solves a problem that they have. For some people who use botox to treat wrinkles and lines, it can have a huge effect on their mood and self-confidence, and for many people seeking treatment for medical reasons, it can improve a crippling illness or ailment that destroys confidence and social interaction.


For many celebrities using treatments such as botox, it’s just part of the job. Those in the limelight are expected to look young and fresh every day, and using surgical and non-surgical treatments is a way for them to meet these expectations. Many celebrities, particularly women, are bombarded with criticism about the way they look, so a huge number of them turn to botox to beat age.

Although there are a huge number of celebrities who deny the use of these treatments, for fear of the public reaction, there are some who are open and honest about their pursuit for youth. Jeremy Kyle has spoken openly, and even let a TV crew follow him to appointments.

Slowly, the stigma of using surgical and non-surgical treatments is being broken down, and the benefits of these treatments are being accepted.

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