The relationship between winter and your skin is a volatile one; they don’t go well together at all! For some people it can even be painful, thanks to cold sores, dry and flaky skin. So why does the winter cause our skin so much trouble? Well, that’s exactly what we’re going to tell you, so hopefully you can avoid the pesky winter skin blues and feel beautiful all year round. Let’s find out why our skin suffers in winter…


Too Many Hot Baths!

We’re sorry to say one of the reasons why our skin encounters problems in the winter is because of indulging in too many hot showers and baths. This can actually dehydrate your skin and cause itchy, dry, flaky skin, which isn’t very pleasant to say the least. Instead of bathing in boiling hot water, have warm baths – you won’t get the unpleasant burn of jumping into such a vastly different temperature either, which is nice!

The Icy Wind

The wind is not a friend of our face or our hair; in the winter time most of us will suffer will chapped lips and messy hair. Unfortunately we cannot turn the wind off – that would be an excellent super power – however what we can do is protect ourselves by bundling up for the cold. As the wind blows at our faces your skin is stripped of its natural lipids, causing the skin the dry out, which is why you can develop sores and experience flaky skin.

Artificial Heat

Unfortunately the amount of time that we indulge in artificial heat indoors can affect your skin, this is because of the dryness of the air as natural moisture is lacking. So try to moderate the amount of artificial heating you come into content with… although this can be tough as winter can be extremely cold. Alternatively, humidifiers can help you to add that essential moisture to the air.

Much of why our skin suffers in winter is down to our methods of keeping warm (this of course is essential to our well being), which is why it is essential to keep up with a skin care treatment routine throughout the year to ensure that your skin retains the level of moisture that it should.

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