In today’s world nobody wants to look their age anymore and many people seek to restore their skin’s natural beauty.

What is unique about Dr LEVI Switzerland’s® New Intense Stem Cell Line is that his Booster Cream and Serum are the World’s first cosmetics to have scientifically been proven in vitro to activate and vitalize both epidermal and dermal skin cells.

Skin stem cells have unique anti ageing properties, since they renew themselves as well as repair, replace and regenerate damaged skin. Cells are like a time machine; they not only remember their youth, but can actually go back in time. The potential is in your cells; all they need is a gentle wake-up call.

This is what French scientists successfully proved in 2011, when they turned age-worn skin cells in people over 90 – including a centenarian – into rejuvenated stem cells indistinguishable from those in embryos.  Not only did they prove that ageing is reversible, but they demonstrated that the key to turn back time was already present within our own cells.

For decades, skin specialists have considered dermal stem cells to be the Holy Grail to stop – and reverse – skin ageing. This is because dermal stem cells are the mother cells of fibroblasts, the skin’s natural factory of those essential anti-wrinkle fighters; collagen & elastin.

Yet, treating dermal stem cells remained a dream until 2009 when their “reservoirs” were finally discovered by a team of Canadian scientists.

With this discovery, Dr. Phillip Levy knew he now had at his reach the tools necessary to revolutionise anti-ageing skin treatments, the same way Anti-Wrinkle Injections and pain-free hyaluronic acid transformed aesthetic medicine.