Donation of £10,000 to be used to save lives in Tanzania

Healthxchange and the ASC pledges to help Tumaini Fund

Tumaini Fund founder Dr Susan Wilson and Healthxchange Pharmacy’s chairman Dr John Curran, accompanied by the other directors shake on the deal which will see the charity receive £10,000 this year and next. It will be used to train Tanzanian orphans to become primary school teachers and dispensers.

ORPHANS in Tanzania will be trained to become primary schoolteachers and medical professionals after a donation of £10,000 to the Tumaini Fund from The Aesthetic Skin Clinic and the Healthxchange Pharmacy.

Dr John Curran, chairman of the Healthxchange and lead physician at the ASC has been working with Dr Susan Wilson, the founder of the Tumaini Fund, on how the money would be spent.

It will award a further £10,000 to the charity next year.

Dr Wilson said she was grateful to the company because essentially it would prevent children from dying.

‘This year we have been able to send 8,000 orphans to secondary school and that is in a region where only 7% of young people can access it.

‘We have set up sustainable funds for those who have finished their secondary education to now train to become either primary school teachers or dispensers,’ she said.

‘Dispensers are partly GPs and partly pharmacists and can treat things such as malaria, but they are not qualified doctors.

‘Both of these jobs are very much needed in the area and it was only recently that one of my friends over there died of an epileptic fit because there was no medical care at all.’

The sustainable funds will act as student loans because the cost of sending each person to be trained will be repaid over four years.

Dr Wilson said that meant the money could then go towards sending someone else for training and it would be a continual cycle.