The Japanese have been at the forefront of hair replacement technology since World War II.


Pioneer in the field was Japanese dermatologist Dr Shoji Okuda, who used a technique known as the punch graft as early as 1939.

His technique involved the transplant of circular skin grafts with active hair follicles from hair bearing areas to the scarred areas of scalps or eyebrows and eyelashes of burns patients.

Dr Norman Orentreich in New York carried out the first known hair transplant using the punch graft method in 1952. His scientific findings published in the New York Academy of Sciences showed that the hair at the back and sides of the male scalp tended to be resistant to alopecia. The punch graft became standard practice for three decades with varying degrees of success.

By the Eighties this technique had been refined using mini grafts, but in 1996 another Japanese dermatologist, Masumi Inaba, developed follicular unit extraction [FUE], a refinement of the punch graft using tiny punches to extract hairs in smaller divisions called follicular units. This process creates minute wounds that heal without significant scarring.

A variation of this technique is Direct Hair Implantation or DHI and this is now available from our Jersey clinic. Direct Hair Implantation is an advanced form of FUE that eliminates the risks of hair follicle damage during extraction and placement. This is a highly sophisticated technique where each hair follicle is extracted separately and transferred immediately to the recipient. The results are natural, long lasting and in many cases life changing.

Hair loss at any time of life is distressing and embarrassing.

As hair loss is often associated with ageing, it can make you look and therefore also feel older than you really are. This can cause significant psychological issues, affecting confidence and self-esteem.

As hair loss is very visible, it also affects the way society views you. Many patients confess to going to considerable lengths to conceal their hair loss prior to seeking treatment; from hairstyles to disguise the hair loss, to literally wearing a hat

Hair transplant surgery is a permanent hair restoration solution for hair loss. It is safe, simple and a personally life-transforming procedure.

Nothing restores your confidence more than knowing that it is your own real hair growing back in those balding and thinning areas. Modern hair transplantation techniques give natural and undetectable hair restoration results.

If you visit us for a hair consultation, an experienced Patient Advocate will explain the hair restoration options, so that you thoroughly understand the treatments available. We are here to support you in your research and education, to ensure that you are well informed to make the right decision for you, and your own unique hair loss.