When Supermodel Linda Evangelista, aged 41, appeared on the cover of the ultimate fashion bible, US Vogue, and openly admitted that she uses not only muscle relaxing injections but also undergoes Thermage “to stimulate collagen”, she exposed the great beauty myth that celebrities maintain their extraordinarily youthful appearance with Pond’s cream, litres of water,and eight hours sleep! In the same issue Ellen Barkin, then 52, also admitted to having thrice yearly Thermage. Amanda Holden, an incredibly youthful 37 yr old, and a Thermage devotee, appeared on the red carpet last year beside a much younger Paris Hilton with the headline “Who looks 10 years younger?”


It’s not surprising that women are now placing Thermage at the top of their wish lists. Anti- ageing Technologies occupy vast areas of research, and the Aesthetic Skin Clinic’s lead physician Dr John Curran, former president of the BCAM, discusses some of the cutting edge non-surgical treatments exclusive to the clinic, which can lighten, tighten, resurface, rejuvenate and redefine all levels of sun-damaged and ageing skin. No knives, no stitches, and you don’t have to be middle aged to benefit.


‘‘Thermage, which is often referred to in the media as ‘The knife-less Facelift’’, uses unique radio frequency technology, which delivers heat to the deep layers of the skin.

This helps tighten existing collagen and form new collagen. Over time the sagging and wrinkled skin is replaced with smoother tighter skin, improving the tone and texture and giving a more youthful appearance. The Fraxel Restore Dual Fractional Resurfacing Laser represents a breakthrough in skin resurfacing technology. With the addition of its new laser wavelength, it treats pigmentation and the signs of ageing with minimal discomfort and downtime, and It is the only fractional treatment which penetrates to the dermis without breaking the skin.


First of all we treat the patient with the Thermage. Radiofrequency energy is delivered to the deeper layers of the skin and, as well as stimulating new collagen, you get the amazing tightening effect of Thermage. The Fraxel laser then works on the outside. It resurfaces the outer skin layers to leave you with smooth, clear skin.’’


Individually these treatments produce amazing results, but it’s together that the real magic occurs. Thermage plus Fraxel are your skins new best friends!!